People who have been driving for many years develop important skills to avoid incidents and behaviors that could result in an auto accident. However, teenagers who are just starting to drive are often unaware of how to drive defensively and may not recognize dangerous conditions on the road.

If your adolescent child was injured in a vehicle wreck, you may benefit from working with a Chesterfield teen driver accident lawyer. A hardworking injury attorney could help you seek full and fair compensation from the party responsible for your teenager’s injuries.

Why are Teenagers More Likely to be Involved in Vehicle Wrecks?

Unfortunately, well-practiced lawyers from the area see teenagers often involved in auto accidents. This is commonly due to them being inexperienced, distracted, or unfamiliar with the rules of the road.

One of the biggest causes of accidents involving adolescents is distracted driving. Teenagers are oftentimes in car with other teens and they may be drinking or texting which can be very dangerous. If their passengers are acting recklessly, that could also distract the novice driver and cause a collision.

Furthermore, teenagers do not have as much experience behind the wheel. When they have not had a lot of experience driving, they are not going to know how to deal with situations that may require some skill to maneuver out of. For instance, if a teen has never driven during the winter, they may be unprepared for the event their vehicle loses traction on black ice. This can cause them to overcorrect and collide with other motorists or overturn their vehicle.

Steps Teens Should Take After a Crash

One of the most important things for teens to know is when they are involved in an accident, they want to definitely get a police report. This is especially important if the wreck was not their fault, as law enforcement will make note of that in the report which could then be used as evidence in a civil case.

Unfortunately, teenagers may be scared to call the police and may flee the scene. However, this is illegal and could result in harsher consequences, so it is vital to have a police report filed.

Another thing to remember with teens who are involved in accidents is they want to report the accident to their insurance company. There are a certain deadlines that they have, but it is always a good idea for a teen to report the wreck to their insurance as soon as possible with guidance from a Chesterfield attorney.

Additionally, they should be sure to seek medical treatment. This could help prevent devastating injuries that may not manifest themselves right away, as well as serve as evidence of damages that could be recovered.

How Parents Can Help Prevent Accidents

It is always a good idea for parents to have their adolescent child take a driver’s education course before getting their license. This is because there are certain knowledge and skills test the teen must pass that could better prepare them for driving on their own. Also, when their child is first learning how to drive, parents should be in the car with them and try to teach them the rules of the road and the skills that they need.

How Do Insurance Companies Treat Adolescent Motorists?

Insurance companies see teenage drivers as high risk. Therefore, they typically will charge more if they have teens on their policy because they know there is a high likelihood that there could to be some claims. Additionally, if the young teen has an accident or two, the rates can go up significantly and they can also become uninsured. This makes it even more important for a teenage driver to work with a knowledgeable attorney in the event of a collision.

Contact a Chesterfield Teen Driver Accident Attorney Right Away

Car accident cases involving teenagers can be difficult to handle without a skilled representative, as people often assume the young driver is responsible for the wreck. However, a local teen driver accident lawyer could gather and preserve important evidence that establishes the other driver caused the collision.

By working with a trustworthy attorney, you could rest assured that your best interests are protected. Call us today. We look forward to hearing from you.