Recent Cases

Recent Cases

Disclaimer: Lawyer case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case undertaken by the lawyer.

$1,200,000 awarded to woman seriously injured in a car accident who suffered head, brain, back, neck and spine injuries, required two shoulder surgeries, and estimated future losses approaching two million. Read More...

$1,000,000 awarded to 31-year-old man who suffered traumatic brain injury, ruptured spleen and multiple broken bones in a car crash. The settlement consisted of $900,000 from Country Financial; $25,000 from Progressive Insurance, $25,000 from Travelers, and $50,000 from State Farm. Read More...

$300,000 policy limits awarded to passenger involved in a 12/15/17 head on collision in Linn County Missouri with fractured pelvis, fractured femur and abdominal injuries.  After settlement negotiations USAA Insurance agreed to pay policy limits of $300,000.

$250,000 policy limits awarded to teenager involved in auto accident with commercial vehicle. Prior to being represented Farmers Insurance tried to settle the claim for $56,000 or the cost of medical treatment.

$150,000 policy limits awarded to woman involved in a multi-car accident on 5/15/16 in Lincoln County Missouri.  There were low back complaints following the accident which eventually required surgery.  Liability was split 50/50 between the two at fault drives. After extensive settlement negotiations American Family Insurance agreed to pay $100,000 policy limits and State Farm Insurance also agree to pay $50,000 policy limits.

$150,000 awarded to passenger in motorcycle accident. Award included $100,000 policy limit from Progressive Insurance (at fault drivers insurance) and $50,000 under insured motorist coverage from American Family Insurance. American family insurance originally denied the under insured motorist claim but was ordered to pay their limits after filing suit.

$1,300,000 awarded in wrongful death of truck driver who was crushed by another truck while trying to open his trailer doors. Truck driver survived for ninety (90) minutes before he died from internal injuries and multiple fractures to ribs, pelvis, hip and femur.

$175,000 awarded for slip and fall injury in St. Charles County. Case involved code violation for landlords failure to install hand rail on steps. Insurance company argued that it was open and obvious but was not successful.

$155,000 policy limits awarded to auto accident victim. Settlement included policy limit of $100,000 plus $50,000 policy limit underinsured motorist coverage and $5,000 policy limit medpay. Insurance company unsuccessfully argued that underinsured motorist coverage should be offset by $100,000 received from at fault driver. A careful reading of the policy and case law showed no offset was allowed.

$1,350,000 awarded in wrongful death lawsuit involving tractor trailer.

$528,405 awarded in defective product lawsuit.

$215,000 awarded to postal worker rear ended in auto accident with closed head injury and neck injury.

$131,710 awarded to gas worker rear ended in St. Charles County by cement truck. Settlement included $110,000 from third party carrier, $17,471 from workers compensation carrier and $4,239 from second injury fund.

$124,195 awarded to injured worker in auto accident. Settlement included $100,000 policy limit from third party carrier, $18,600 from workers compensation carrier and $5,595 from Second Injury fund.

$115,000 awarded for injured worker with carpal tunnel/cubital tunnel (Settlement included $60,000 from Second injury Fund).

$100,000 policy limit awarded to teacher involved in auto accident with drunk driver.

$100,000 policy limit awarded to passenger in a motorcycle accident with fractured leg.

$100,000 policy limit awarded to passenger injured in SUV rollover.

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