Suffering a personal injury raises many vital questions about your present and future. After any kind of accident, it is important to seek out the medical care that you need to limit damage and improve the chances of making a full recovery. It is also essential to understand your legal rights and how to hold the party responsible for your losses liable for their failure to keep you safe.

A Fenton personal injury lawyer could represent your legal interests following an injury. This includes gathering evidence concerning the incident, determining how the event has changed your life, and demanding that at-fault parties and insurance companies provide the payments you need to set things right. Call the Law Offices of Kevin J. Roach, LLC, to speak with qualified legal representation you can trust.

What to Expect Following a Personal Injury

During the time following an accident that caused personal injuries, defendants and their insurance companies will act to build cases that aim to protect their interests. This means that while people focus on restoring their lives, they also need to work to preserve their legal rights.

Because of this, it is vital to have legal representation that is ready to take the lead in obtaining evidence and information that helps to build a case and fights back against common insurance company tactics. A Fenton personal injury attorney could provide this help. Our team could work to explore how the event occurred and use this information to build powerful cases against defendants. We could also shield a case against insurance company denials and any allegations of shared fault.

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

A core legal concept states that people and companies that cause injuries to others have an obligation to provide fair compensation. Most injuries are the result of accidents. These include:

In any of these instances, a personal injury attorney could work to show that a person or entity’s negligence was the direct cause of the incident and resulting injuries and damages. For cases that have their basis in criminal activity, such as assault, a separate civil lawsuit is needed to collect compensation.

Whether an injury was the product of an accident or violence, a time limit exists to pursue a case. For most people, Missouri Statute § 516.120 sets the statute of limitations five years from the date of injury. Contacting skilled legal representation immediately gives them the best chance of providing effective help.

Let a Fenton Personal Injury Attorney Take the Lead

All people who cause personal injuries through negligence should be held responsible for compensating their victims. This includes payments for medical bills, emotional traumas, lost quality of life, and missing income. However, collecting this compensation requires injured parties to prove fault for an incident. This can be a complicated process.

Fortunately, a Fenton personal injury lawyer could represent your interests following an accident and injuries. At the Law Offices of Kevin J. Roach, LLC, our firm takes pride in offering dedicated and individualized help to each of our clients. We could work to prove fault for your incident, demonstrate how the incident has changed your life, and defend your case against any allegations of shared blame. Reach out today to schedule a free consultation.