Though minor slips, trips, and falls can simply be embarrassing, when severe injuries arise from hazardous conditions on property controlled by others, falls can become serious very quickly. Long-term harm done by falling accidents can have devastating personal and financial implications on the injured party and their family.

If you or a loved one suffered harm due to a tripping or slipping hazard on another’s property, a St. Louis slip and fall lawyer could provide the advocacy you need to secure fair compensation. A seasoned injury attorney from the area could gather and preserve the evidence needed to prove the negligent landowner is liable for your damages.

Slipping Hazards on Another’s Property

When individuals enter the premises of others, whether as social guests, consumers, or business clients, they are owed a certain level of care by the property owner. When these landowners fail to remove hazards from their premise, a guest could suffer a devastating fall that results in severe harm. Some of the conditions which property owners and managers regularly fail to remedy or warn visitors about include:

  • Accumulations of ice, snow, or standing water
  • Insufficient lighting
  • Slick flooring
  • Absent or loose stair railing
  • Crumbling walkways or concrete steps
  • Uneven paving or hidden potholes

The existence of any falling hazards has the ability to cause significant personal injuries to those who encounter them. Common afflictions resulting from slipping or tripping include broken bones, deep cuts, spinal cord harm, traumatic brain injuries, and impairment of internal organs. Due to this, lawyers handling St. Louis cases involving serious falls could seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, emotional strain, physical discomfort, reduced earning capacity, and other personal losses.

How Could Comparative Negligence Impact a Falling Claim?

Serious falling incidents can occur in restaurants, office buildings, shopping malls, grocery stores, schools, and apartment complexes. To be successful in a slip and fall case, plaintiffs must show that the property owner or manager in question owed them a duty of reasonable care, that the duty was breached, and that this failure led directly to the harm sustained.

However, property owners may claim the claimant fell due to their own misconduct, such inattention, disregard of warning signs, or unauthorized presence. Fortunately, according to MO Rev Stat § 537.765, even if a claimant is found to be partially to blame for what occurred, they are not necessarily barred from recovery. Any damages ultimately awarded will be reduced proportionally to the plaintiff’s degree of fault.

Role of a Local Attorney

When a serious fall occurs due to a slipping or tripping hazard, the injured party could face physical and emotional trauma, as well as devastating financial burdens. A compassionate local attorney could set to work examining the evidence, reviewing medical records, making loss valuations, and initiating the process of settlement negotiations with insurance carriers or premises owners directly.

Although the majority of slip and fall claims are resolved through settlement negotiations, there are some instances in which litigation proves necessary. An experienced legal advocate could take a claimant’s case to trial in order to fight for the compensation they need and deserve.

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From engaging in settlement talks with property owners or their insurers to taking a case to trial, a hardworking legal representative could be a vital asset throughout a civil claim. If you suffered a traumatic fall because of another’s negligence, a local slip and fall injury lawyer could help you seek legal restitution. Contact our team by calling today.