Many residents in Missouri choose to ride bikes either for recreational purposes or as an economical form of transportation. Unfortunately, as many cyclists have to share the road with much larger vehicles, they run the risk of suffering devastating harm.

If you have sustained serious injuries while biking due to another party’s negligent acts, a St. Louis bicycle accident lawyer could help you pursue fair compensation. By working with a dedicated attorney from the area, you could improve your chances of a successful claim.

Common Accidents Involving Bicyclists

No matter how careful a cyclist may be, there are a number of scenarios that tend to lead to a biker suffering grave injuries. A collision with an inattentive motorist is perhaps the most common type of accident involving a bicyclist, but there are several other situations that can lead to severe injuries for those on bikes, including:

  • Poorly maintained public streets or pathways
  • Crashes with fellow cyclists
  • Attacks from unrestrained pets
  • Distracted or impaired operation of public transportation modes
  • Impact with car doors opened into oncoming bike traffic
  • Defectively designed or manufactured bicycle or safety gear

It is important for injured bicyclist to consult with a local attorney who could carefully explore what occurred, identify all potentially liable parties, and aggressively assert their right to receive compensation. However, prospective claimants should note that under MO Rev Stat §516.120, civil claims must be filed within five years of the incident at issue, so it is important to get on contact with a legal professional from the onset of a case.

Recoverable Compensation for Injured Bikers

Due to the significant size difference between bikes and vehicles, collisions between the two could result in grave harm to the former. Bicyclists are not afforded the same level of protection as vehicle occupants, such as airbags and seatbelts, and can suffer catastrophic harm as a result, including spinal cord damage, traumatic brain injuries, bone fractures, lacerations, disfigurement, and more.

In many cases, these injuries require long-term or permanent care. This can result in substantial medical bills coupled with missed time from work as the injured biker seeks treatment.

Fortunately, the legal system affords victims the chance to seek financial recovery from those whose conduct is to blame for their losses by holding them liable through a civil claim. Monetary recovery is often available to pay for medical bills, hospitalization costs, physical therapy expenses, lost income, reduced future earning potential, physical and emotional harm. A hardworking attorney in the area could work tirelessly to gather evidence and build a claim in support of the compensation the injured biker needs to move forward in the aftermath of a collision.

Seek Guidance from a Seasoned St. Louis Bicycle Accident Attorney

While biking in Missouri is often a safe and enjoyable activity, it does not come without risks. Even the most responsible bicyclist could be seriously injured if they encounter a reckless or distracted motorist. If you have sustained injuries due to another person’s negligence, a St. Louis bicycle accident lawyer could provide the insights necessary to make informed choices about your legal options. Call us today.