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Missouri Defunds Sobriety Checkpoints

 As of last week state lawmakers passed legislation to defund Missouri sobriety checkpoints. While law enforcement is still allowed to conduct these checkpoints if they want, the state will no longer fund them. Missouri lawmakers decided to stop funding checkpoints based on two primary reasons: Driver’s have the right to avoid unreasonable searches; and Checkpoints are…

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Missouri Criminal Sentencing: What You Should Know

Missouri courts have authority for sentencing criminal defendants pursuant to Missouri statute 557.011. Missouri criminal sentences most commonly involve a fine, imprisonment term, or a combination of the two. Missouri courts cannot impose a sentence that is not authorized by the statute, but the statutes do provide judges with some discretion as to what sentence they will…

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Missouri DWI Expungement: Am I Eligible?

Have you ever questioned whether or not that DWI from your past can be erased? There is a Missouri statute that can answer that question for you. It’s the Missouri Statute dealing with expungement of DWI/ BAC convictions from a person’s record. The Missouri DWI expungement statute is limited in use, but where available, it will not only remove…

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Multiple DWI Laws in Missouri

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is both a criminal and civil offense in the state of Missouri. The effects of choosing to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be devastating and can last a lifetime. While even the first offense may result in harsh penalties, Missouri imposes stricter consequences with each subsequent arrest.…

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The New Year Means a New Criminal Code for Missouri

It’s been nearly four decades since Missouri last revised their criminal code. A process long in the making, the new code will take effect on the first of the New Year. Some of the changes to the new criminal code include adjustments to misdemeanor and felony classes and fines, marijuana possession and stealing charges, and intoxication…

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A St. Louis DWI Attorney Will Defend a Client’s Rights

Driving drunk is a serious offense, and activists all over the country are working hard to make laws harsher for people who have a drink before they get into their vehicles. Fortunately, simply being pulled over and charged with DWI doesn’t mean a driver will face any of these consequences. A St. Louis DWI attorney…

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Defenses Used by a St. Louis DUI Attorney

Everyone has heard urban legends about beating DWI charges, such as sucking on a breath mint or a penny while being pulled over. However, these tactics have repeatedly been debunked. Instead of relying on myth to beat a DWI, it is better to mount a thorough, credible defense with the help of a local DWI…

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Learn About Life After a Conviction From a St. Louis DWI Attorney

When many people think of the consequences of a DUI conviction, the only things that come to mind are the fines, driver’s license suspension, and potential time in jail. However, there are several other things a defendant should consider before they admit to these charges in court without consulting a St. Louis DUI attorney. An…

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