The cause of a vehicle wreck plays a major role in an ensuing civil case. This is because it impacts how a local injury attorney would approach the case, as well as evidence needed to prove defendant liability.

There are some common causes of car accidents in Chesterfield. Most often, auto collisions are due to driver negligence or traffic violations. In either case, it is vital to seek legal representation from a well-practiced attorney.

Wrecks Caused by Driver Negligence

There are many different causes of car accidents, but the majority of crashes are caused by people being careless. Whether people are distracted by their cell phones or music, inattention could result in a motorist striking another vehicle, biker, or pedestrian.

Night Driving

Driving at night can be more dangerous due to the poor visibility that comes with it. For this reason, there are often restrictions for novice drivers on night driving.

Motorists who fail to use their headlights or inattentive while driving at night could be held legally negligent for any resulting collisions. This could result in them being financial responsible for the monetary and personal losses suffered by others in the wreck.

How Do People Drive the Wrong Way?

If somebody is going down the wrong direction on a road, that can result in a very serious head-on collision. Those accidents are often catastrophic or fatal.

People who drive the wrong way down a roadway are generally intoxicated, fatigued, or not paying attention. Regardless of the exact cause, they put themselves and others are serious risk of harm and could be held accountable through civil litigation.

Vehicle Collisions Caused by Traffic Violations

Many vehicle wrecks are also the result of violating traffic laws. For instance, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, speeding, or failing to stop or yield could all result in devastating collisions.

Driving Under the Influence

Operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is against the law and puts all other motorists at risk of severe harm. Due to this egregious behavior, local attorneys could often make a claim for punitive damages.

Alcohol also plays a role in other vehicle collisions as it slows the driver’s response time and makes them more likely to make dangerous errors. People involved in wrecks caused by a drunk driver should seek legal representation in Chesterfield as soon as possible.

When Does Speeding Cause Collisions?

Speeding often results in a citation and in some cases can be considered a misdemeanor. While a crash caused by speeding is not usually grounds for punitive damages, a speeding citation is powerful evidence to prove defendant liability.

Furthermore, collisions that occur at higher rates of speed often result in more severe damage to the vehicle and its occupants. These accidents often result in traumatic injuries, such as brain trauma and spinal cord damage.

Running a Stop Sign

Vehicle collisions frequently occur at intersections often due to drivers failing to yield or stop at red lights and stop signs. These can result in T-bone accidents and even head-on wrecks.

If the police report mentions the defendant ran a stop sign or red light at the time of the crash, that is clear evidence of liability. This is especially important in failure to yield wrecks because they are difficult to prove who caused the crash.

Discuss Common Causes of Car Accidents with a Chesterfield Attorney

While the exact cause of a motor vehicle wreck may not seem important, it actually can substantially impact how a local lawyer approaches the case. It is vital to work with an experienced attorney who is familiar with the common causes of car accidents in the area and how to properly investigate them. To learn more about what an attorney could do for you, call now, and schedule your initial case consultation.