Vehicle crashes can drastically impact a person’s life. These collisions can cause a motorist to suffer devastating physical and mental trauma which results in substantial medical bills to treat. Due to this grave impact, state law allows injured parties to seek legal recourse for the losses they have suffered.

The recoverable damages after a Chesterfield car accident could help you move forward after a negligent driver causes you harm. Work with a skilled injury attorney to improve your chances of a successful claim.

What Damages Can an Injured Motorist Recover?

People injured in motor vehicle collisions can seek compensatory damages to compensate for them for all their losses. These losses can be economic or non-economic in nature.

Local accident attorneys may get a doctor to give an opinion on what future medical care a claimant is going to need. That can be pretty significant, especially if the individual is not very old at the time of their collision.

What are Economic Losses from an Auto Wreck?

Economic damages following a car crash include losses the individual incurred that were out-of-pocket. Medical bills and expenses are the most common type of economic loss that a claimant may seek after an auto accident.

If the injured party has to miss work, the lost wages are considered economic damages. In cases where an individual suffers a catastrophic injury, they may be permanently unable to return to work. A well-practiced lawyer could then bring in an expert witness for help calculating the financial impact this has on the individual and seek appropriate compensation.

A recoverable damage unique to auto collisions is property damage. If a claimant’s vehicle is totaled in a wreck, they can seek compensation for fixing or replacing their damaged car. If they have to rent a vehicle while their car is being fixed or replaced, they could also seek recourse for that expense.

Intangible Damages in Chesterfield

Recovering non-economic damages in a car crash case can be more difficult, and often requires the skill of a well-practiced attorney from the area. These damages account for a claimant’s pain and suffering. For instance, if a person suffers a spinal cord injury in a wreck, they could seek economic compensation for the medical bills resulting from their treatment. However, if this injury makes them unable to participate in everyday activities or causes them severe pain, they can request legal recourse for the emotional and physical impact of the injury.

Another example would be if, for instance, they lost a loved one in an accident. There may not have been any medical expenses but they are grieving, they can file a claim for damages to compensate them for their loss of consortium.

When Punitive Damages are Available in Car Crash Cases

Exemplary, or punitive damages are not meant to compensate the injured motorist, but rather to punish the defendant. If the defendant’s actions rise to a certain level as being highly reckless or intentional, then a judge or jury can award punitive damages to punish the defendant for their actions and discourage repeat offenses.

An example of that would be if a drunk driver got behind the wheel and seriously injured somebody. Not only is intoxicated driving well known as dangerous, it is also illegal. In Missouri, under those circumstances, they could ask for punitive damages against the drunk driver to punish them for their egregious actions.

However, it should be mentioned that most accident cases do not involve punitive damages. This type of compensation is rare, as they are reserved for an extreme situation where someone was highly reckless and careless or they intentionally caused harm to somebody.

Recover Damages After a Car Accident with a Chesterfield Attorney

If you are seeking legal restitution after being harmed in an auto collision, you could benefit from contacting a knowledgeable attorney from the area. This is because insurance companies often offer unfair settlements or try to blame the injured party for the wreck. A skilled lawyer could explain what damages are recoverable after a car accident and ensure you do not settle for less than what you deserve. Call today and schedule a case consultation.