Being in the Midwest, Missouri sees a lot of bad weather during the colder months. This area has icy, snowy, rainy winters, so it is not uncommon for auto collisions to be caused by slick roadways.

However, if hazardous weather conditions played a role in your vehicle wreck involving another driver, you may be unsure of your legal options for recovery. A Chesterfield bad weather accident lawyer could review your case to determine if you have grounds to file a civil claim. Oftentimes, another driver’s reckless actions could give rise to legal restitution, so do not hesitate to speak with a skilled injury attorney.

What Should Someone Do After a Wreck Caused by Bad Weather?

The first thing someone should do after an accident is call the police make sure there is an official record of the collision. Law enforcement often make an assessment of who is responsible for the vehicle wreck and would take note of any conditions that could have impacted it, such as inclement weather. This report could be used as evidence in potential settlement negotiations or trial.

Likewise, injured parties should be sure to seek medical attention. This is important as severe harm may not manifest itself right away, such as a traumatic brain injury, so it is vital to get prompt care. Additionally, these medical documents could be proof of harm and damages.

Claimants should also document the scene of the accident to the best of their abilities. This includes taking photographs or video of the severe weather conditions for a local attorney to use as evidence in an ensuing car accident claim.

Dangerous Weather Conditions Impact on Fault

When an auto accident involves unsafe weather conditions, it can sometimes be difficult for experienced attorneys to establish defendant fault. However, the presence of inclement conditions does not reduce a defendant’s liability in the event of a wreck.

Drivers in Missouri are required to operate their vehicle safely under the current weather conditions. This means, slowing down and allowing greater space between vehicles when the road is slick from ice or rain to avoid losing control of the vehicle or a rear-end accident. If it is dark or foggy, motorists should turn on the headlights or pullover until there is increased visibility. Drivers who fail to take the necessary precautions to accommodate the dangerous weather could be held financially responsible for any accident they cause as a result.

Evidence of Hazardous Weather

Chesterfield attorneys could get the weather reports from the date of the vehicle crash to determine if weather played a role in the collision. The National Weather Service puts out detailed reports hourly and they can indicate what the road conditions were when the wreck occurred.

Additionally, the police report will indicate what the road conditions were. Furthermore, any photographic or video evidence gathered by a claimant could be proof of the weather conditions.

Discuss Bad Weather Accidents with a Chesterfield Attorney

When it comes to proving defendant liability following a vehicle wreck caused by unsafe weather conditions, it is important to work with a well-practiced legal professional. A local bad weather accident lawyer could review your case and determine whether the other driver was acting negligently given the conditions.

If so, an attorney could represent your best interests during settlement negotiations or in trial. To get started, call today, and schedule your initial case consultation.