In the St. Louis area, one of the most common roadways is Interstate 64 that runs east and west through St. Louis County to downtown St. Louis City and over into Illinois. Interstate 70 is also a major highway that runs all the way through St. Louis City and County. Then there is Highway 270 that takes a loop around the city.

Unfortunately, these roadways are a common place for vehicle collisions. Due to the high speeds and increased density of commuters, car accidents on major roadways in Chesterfield can be devastating. If you were injured in a crash on a freeway or highway, you could benefit from speaking with a skilled local attorney.

How Common are Vehicle Wrecks on Major Highways?

Various popular highways across Missouri and Illinois is where experienced lawyers in the area see the majority of serious injury cases. The reason that the most devastating vehicle wrecks are almost always on highways or major roadways is because people are going at a higher rate of speed. These wrecks are especially dangerous since there are a lot of trucks and commercial vehicles utilizing these roads than a motorist would see on side streets or in their subdivision. Collisions between commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles are catastrophic and even deadly.

Types of Collisions on Interstates in Chesterfield

Normally on a highway, motorists are going at least 55 to 60 miles an hour, if not faster. Collisions at these speeds are going be much more violent and vehicle occupants are much more likely to be gravely injured.

One of the main types of car accidents on popular roadways in the area are rear-end collisions. This frequently occurs in areas where drivers are required to slow down. If a motorist is following too close to a vehicle that comes to a sudden stop or is distracted by their cell phone and does not see the traffic slowing down, they could collide with the driver in front of them. More minor bumper accidents can result in congested traffic.

Another common collision on freeways are front-end crashes. These can occur when one driver crosses over the center of the median and hits other vehicles head-on. These are very serious accidents and oftentimes result in fatalities.

Experienced accident attorneys in the area also see a lot of cars that are sideswiped. These wrecks often involve semis and result when a truck driver is changing lanes but fails to see a car in the truck’s blind spot. This causes the sides of the vehicles to collide, often crushing the much smaller passenger vehicle.

Speeding generally contributes to these accidents. If someone is going too fast, then it affects their reaction time, and the faster someone is going, the longer it is going to take them to slow down. Since motorists on a major roadway are traveling at a high rate of speed, there is less room for error.

How First Responders Treat Freeway Crashes

When there is a serious accident on a highway in Missouri, typically local highway patrol is called, even if the wreck is in a municipality like Chesterfield. The highway patrol is called in because their troopers are more skilled in writing these kinds of reports and in making sure that any reconstruction of what happened is accurate.

Oftentimes, when there are serious crashes in rural areas, it is very hard for first responders to get there. In these cases, the injured parties may have to be air evacuated out. This means they must call one of the air ambulance services who can get to them quickly, fly everybody out by helicopter, and take them to the nearest trauma center.

Speak with an Attorney About Car Accidents on Major Roadways in Chesterfield

Unfortunately, car accidents on major roadways can be some of the more devastating wrecks. Furthermore, since many of these highways pass through rural areas, receiving prompt medical care can be more difficult. If you or a loved one were harmed in a collision on a freeway or interstate, reach out to our office today and schedule a case consultation. Our experienced team could explain what options are available to you moving forward.