People have a lot of different misconceptions. I guess some of the more commons ones are people that don’t really know that they’re entitled to an injury settlement; they just want their medical bills paid a lot of times and sometimes people they don’t realize that they’re entitled to money for their pain and suffering for their injuries that are going bother them for the rest of their life. That’s one common misconception.

Another common misconception is that some people are skeptical of hiring an attorney. They think that the insurance companies are just going to pay whatever they’re going to pay, regardless of whether they have an attorney or not, so they don’t see a point in paying attorney’s fees.

That’s the big misconception a lot of people have, but it’s been proven that people that have an attorney will receive much more compensation than the people who are unrepresented – and that’s after paying attorney’s fees and whatnot. Plus, you don’t have to deal with all the frustration of insurance adjusters. Those were two misconceptions that I see a lot. I think those are the two big ones that I think of off the top of my head.

Interviewer: What are the main concerns that people have with regard to accidents when they come in to talk to you?

Kevin Roach: I practice in Missouri but I’m sure that all over the country it’s the same. The main concern I see is with people that have pretty serious injuries and they have a lot of medical expenses. They’re scared that all these medical bills are going to force them into bankruptcy or they’re not going to be able to pay their medical expenses.

That’s one of the biggest things we have to deal with liens from doctors and hospitals and how to get all those medicals bills paid and still get your clients a nice settlement after paying all their medical bills. Most people, believe it or not, aren’t too concerned with their settlement; they’re more concerned with this mountain of medical bills that they’re facing and how to get those taken care of.