Rear end collisions occur when one driver strikes the backside of another vehicle. These accidents tend to vary in severity depending on multiple factors including speed, location of the accident, and a driver’s level of awareness. If the at-fault driver refuses to take ownership of the accident, they could be held liable for damages through a civil suit. Although the goal may be to force the defense into providing an adequate settlement, the case could be taken to trial if both sides fail to reach an agreement.

A Chesterfield rear-end collision lawyer could help you make these types of decisions should they arise. In addition, with a trusted attorney at your side, you will be able to filter through settlement offers much easier by allowing your attorney to help you calculate the total amount of damages owed to you. By having this number in mind, you will know where you stand and what you could do to obtain compensation. Call today to learn more.

Common Fact Patterns Regarding Rear-End Collisions

In most rear-end collision cases, the at-fault driver is usually not paying attention to what is in front of them. With smartphones widely accessible by the public, individuals are tempted more than ever to text while driving. As a result, rear-end collisions are commonly seen on Chesterfield roads.

These types of accidents also tend to occur at intersections. Sometimes the driver travelling behind a driver may not be aware that the driver in front is coming to a stop as instructed by a traffic light or stop sign. As a result, they themselves will not slow down, eventually colliding with the backside of someone’s car.

How is Fault Assigned in Rear-End Accidents?

There are various ways in which victims can establish liability against the at-fault driver. For example, victims, with the help of their attorney, can obtain the police report documenting the scene of the accident from the perspective of law enforcement. The police report will typically confirm whether the other driver was inattentive, making this a vital piece of evidence for the sole purpose of refuting any attempts by the defense to make up a different story about how the accident occurred.

Methods of Collecting Evidence

In addition to the police report, the defense can use various methods of collecting evidence. For example, if there was anyone around at the time of the accident, the attorney could reach out to these individuals to try to get their take of what happened. An attorney could also hire an accident reconstructionist to recreate the moments leading up to the accident. Lastly, an attorney could request surveillance videos from any nearby stores who may have caught the accident. Having video proof of the accident is an effective way to prove liability beyond a reasonable doubt.

Speak with a Chesterfield Rear-End Collision Attorney

If you suffered injuries as a result of a backside collision, be sure to get in touch with a Chesterfield rear-end collision lawyer today. An attorney could sit with you to help you develop strategies to hold the at-fault party accountable for their actions. In addition, an attorney could guide you throughout the claims process to help ensure that you do not make any costly mistakes that could jeopardize your ability to obtain compensation. To get started on a case, schedule a consultation today.