Head-on collisions are some of the more serious accidents a person could be involved in. Victims are known to suffer various catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, and injuries with symptoms of paralysis. These types of accidents can also be costly as well.

If you have been the victim of an accident where your vehicle was struck on its front side, you should get in touch with a Charleston head-on collisions lawyer today. By hiring a skilled attorney, you may be better equipped to handle any arguments made by the defense to rid themselves of as much liability as possible. To begin discussing the details of your case, schedule a consultation today.

Common Fact Patterns of Front-Side Collisions

It is not uncommon for impaired drivers to be involved in head-on collisions. In many cases, individuals are so drunk or under the influence of a drug that they fall asleep behind the wheel of a vehicle or they inadvertently swerve into oncoming traffic. If the either of the drivers are travelling at high rates of speed, the end result of the collision could be disastrous. This situation can also be played out when drivers are fatigued or distracted while driving.

How is Fault Established in Head-On Wrecks?

A local attorney investigating a front-end vehicle accident would generally begin by looking at the police report and interviewing third-party witnesses who saw the wreck. Oftentimes, law enforcement will look at the damage to the vehicles and the circumstances of the case to determine who is responsible and put that in the report.

Sometimes it is clear who is responsible, such as if one driver were intoxicated or texting at the time of the collision. However, it can be more difficult if it is determined both parties share some liability. Fortunately, an experienced lawyer could help navigate these complicated situations.

What Injuries are Associated with Head-On Collisions?

The injuries victims can sustain in an accident of this magnitude tend to be severe. In some cases the injuries could prove to be fatal. As a result, victims could also incur expensive medical bills trying to recover from their injuries. Many people do not have adequate insurance coverage, making it extremely difficult to pay for this type of medical treatment. Consequently, it is imperative for victims to file a compensation claim for damages in order to cover these exorbitant costs.

Other Potential Consequences

Depending on the circumstances of the case, the at-fault party could face criminal charges for the accident. For example, if the driver was drunk, they could be charged with a DUI. Their situation would be made worse if their drunkenness was the main contributor to the cause of the accident. If the accident resulted in the victim sustaining life-threatening or fatal injuries, the victim would most likely be awarded punitive damages required to be paid by the defense. Punitive damages are only issued if the negligent party displayed egregious lack of disregard for the safety of others and is seen as a tactic to deter the defense from ever engaging in that type of action again.

Speak with a Chesterfield Head-On Collision Attorney Today

Not only are the injuries for this type of accident serious, the costs associated with repairing property damage and obtaining medical treatment is expensive as well. As a result, victims should make it a priority to retain legal assistance for help with obtaining damages.

If you have been involved in a head-on collision accident, be sure to get in touch with a determined attorney today. A Chesterfield head-on collision lawyer could take the time to speak with you about your claim for compensation. Call today to learn more.