In Missouri, you are required to have an expert witness when you file a petition for a personal injury. This is because the burden of proof falls on the plaintiff, meaning you must prove the defendant driver is legally liable for your damages.

Our local injury attorneys know the benefits of expert witnesses in Chesterfield car accident cases. Our team could help you obtain a reliable expert to testify on your behalf and strengthen your claim for financial compensation.

What is an Expert Witness?

An expert witness is someone with expertise in an area that common people may not understand. This individual is used to explain legal, medical, or otherwise complicated matters to the jury.

There are qualifications to the federal court for the testimony to be admissible. Even though many professionals claim to be experts, they cannot pass a qualification through a judge unless they meet the necessary criteria. Experts must have the knowledge and relevant experience in the field of study for the case.

Common Expert Testimony in Car Crash Claims

The most common expert witness in an auto accident case is a medical professional. This is typically the claimant’s treating physician who can explain the extent of the injuries, how they were caused by the vehicle wreck, and their impact on the claimant’s life.

Another common expert is an economist, as they can give an opinion on a person’s economic losses. This includes future lost wages or earning capacity, as well as an opinion on loss of household services. A vocational expert can also give an opinion on whether the claimant is able to work in the open labor market and what kind of employment they are capable of doing.

In larger cases, an accident reconstruction expert may be brought on. A reconstructionist can pull all the data from the vehicles, police report, the Missouri Highway patrol, and any other important evidence to help prove liability in a case.

Another witness that is usually brought on for larger car crash cases in the area is an accident reconstruction expert. When liability is being disputed, a reconstructionist could pull the available data to prove who is at fault by showing how the accident occurred.

Impact of Expert Witness Testimony on a Vehicle Accident Case

Having a good quality expert witness could improve the credibility and the strength of a claimant’s vehicle accident case. This is because a good expert can effectively argue for an appropriate damage award as well as establish fault. They can also help explain concepts that the jury may otherwise not understand, such as the future implications of a catastrophic injury.

It is important that someone injured in a car accident in Chesterfield obtain the right expert witness to strengthen their case. If an expert witness is unreliable or abrasive, it could actually weaken the injured party’s case. A seasoned local attorney could know what to look for when seeking an expert witness.

Learn More About Expert Witnesses in Car Accident Cases from a Chesterfield Attorney

Having a strong legal ally on your side is not enough to prevail in a civil claim against a negligent driver. Expert witnesses in local car accident cases can make the difference between a favorable and unfavorable recovery. To learn more about how an expert witness could impact your vehicle wreck case, call our team today and schedule a free consultation.