Victims of side-impact accidents are known to suffer serious injuries. From traumatic brain injuries to injuries resulting in paralysis, individuals involved in this type of accident due to the negligence of another may face weeks, months, and even years of extensive medical treatment. This could prove to be financially straining on the victim if they cannot afford their medical treatment. Fortunately, the law makes it possible for victims to hold the at-fault party accountable for damages.

To learn more about how you could obtain compensation for damages, get in touch with a Chesterfield side-impact collision lawyer today.  A professional attorney could take charge of your case and work towards providing you with the compensation you deserve.

What are the Common Causes of T-Bone Accidents?

Side-impact accidents are known to occur in intersections where one driver fails to yield to the right-of-way of another driver. For example, if both drivers arrive at a stop sign, and the driver who has the right-of-way proceeds forward with the opposing driver also moving forward, a side-impact crash is likely to occur. These types of accidents can also occur when one driver is trying to merge onto a highway or major roadway, and the opposing driver is not leaving enough room for the other driver to merge onto a highway.

First Steps to Take Following a Side-Impact Accident in Chesterfield

The first thing victims should do if they can is to call the police and have them investigate the scene of the accident. If a law enforcement officer arrives, they will document the accident and give their say as to who is at-fault for the accident. If the police report states that the defendant is at-fault for the accident, the plaintiff is allowed to use the police report as evidence in a claim for compensation.

In addition to calling the police, victims should make sure that their injuries as checked by a medical professional following the accident. If the plaintiff refuses medical treatment and decides to file a claim, the defense can state that because the plaintiff did not see a doctor after their accident, they probably suffered little to no injury. This would make it difficult to recover any costs related to the injuries incurred as a result of the accident.

Common Injuries and Damages Suffered in a Side-Impact Accident

Due to the lack of protection on the sides of vehicles, victims can sustain serious injury in a side-impact accident. The very nature of these types of accidents can lead to victim sustaining serious neck and spinal injuries, potentially resulting in paralysis and even death. Victims can also suffer serious head injuries as well.

The property damage itself is also extensive. Depending on the size of the vehicle that struck them or how fast they were going, victims can have their cars rendered undrivable after an accident.

Get in Touch with a Chesterfield Side-Impact Collision Attorney

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