Auto Accident Lawyers in St. Louis

Interviewer: What kinds of vehicle accidents do you handle besides car crashes?

Kevin Roach: As auto accident lawyers in St. Louis we often deal with crashes between a car and another vehicle. We represent individuals who are injured in motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and sometimes bicycle accidents. We represented a few people who were cycling and were injured. Basically in auto accidents there are regular passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles (which a lot of times are trucks), and then there are motorcycles.

Interviewer: What's the difference between a regular car accident and a motorcycle accident and truck accident? What are some of the fundamental differences?

Kevin Roach: Motorcycle accidents are different in a lot of ways. Typically when you see motorcycle accidents, a lot of times you're dealing with people that are really seriously injured. Most of the time they are fatality accidents because there is not a lot protection that you have riding a motorcycle. Motorcycle accidents are different in that way. They're also different because a lot of times people have stereotypes about motorcyclists and sometimes people just don't like motorcycles.

Accident Prevalence and Patterns

Interviewer: Based on your personal experience, have you noticed any patterns? Is there a specific time of day or a specific kind of situation that many of your clients have faced in regard auto accidents?

Kevin Roach: An auto accident could happen at any time during the day – any time someone is on the road. Sometimes you will see more frequently that there are accidents during times of bad weather. You'll see more at night when your visibility is not as good. Sometimes people are more likely to be drinking or at night they might be tired and not be as attentive.

I guess I see them more in the evening and night, but I don't see really any trend as to what particular times of day, really. It's very random when they happen. It's just like the weather – you don't know what it's going to do next week or the week after that, but the weather does weigh in a lot all these accidents.

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