Collisions between trucks and passenger vehicles inflict tremendous damage on the smaller vehicle, resulting in the occupants dying or becoming seriously injured. Cars and SUVs stand little chance against a semi.

If you were hurt in a side-impact truck accident in Creve Coeur, it is highly recommended to contact a semi crash attorney as soon as possible. You could seek damages against the driver, rig company, and any other negligent parties. Damages could cover your medical expenses, lost income, and even pay your future injury-related expenses.

What Causes Side-Impact Truck Crashes?

Driver error causes most side-impact collisions, also called T-bone crashes. They often occur at intersections if an 18-wheeler driver rolls through a stop sign, tries to beat a red light, or turns left without the right-of-way. The slow braking in many large trucks might increase the chances of this type of accident.

Similarly, a semi might collide with the side of a vehicle if it enters a roundabout without a clear lane. An 18-wheeler has large blind spots that could prevent a trucker from seeing a vehicle in the roundabout until it is too late. A distracted or impaired semi driver might fail to be attentive to vehicles in their blind spots, causing a T-bone collision.

Mechanical failure, especially brake failure, is another potential cause of side-impact rig crashes. A seasoned attorney in the area could review the evidence from the side-impact trucking crash and hold the responsible parties accountable.

Injuries in T-Bone 18-Wheeler Wrecks

T-bone accidents are dangerous because the door panels are the most lightly reinforced part of any vehicle, so the occupants are more vulnerable if something impacts with them. They are especially likely to suffer severe injuries if the vehicle making impact is substantially larger, as would be the case in a T-Bone semi accident.

Certain injuries are common in T-bone accidents. These include:

Serious injuries that require hospitalization can require a long recovery time and be financially devastating. An accomplished attorney in the area could bring a side-impact rig collision claim that covers medical expenses, lost income, future expenses, and pain and suffering.

Proving Negligence in a T-Bone Semi Collision

An injured plaintiff must prove that the defendant’s actions were negligent. Proving a party responsible requires showing that they failed to use reasonable caution and the plaintiff suffered an injury because of their carelessness.

Rigs are common carriers under federal law, which means their drivers must observe a heightened duty of care to protect others on the roads. The trucker or rig company could be liable if the driver’s error contributed to the crash or if maintenance, loading, or scheduling was an issue. The 18-wheeler company also could be liable for hiring an incompetent driver or providing inadequate training.

Under Missouri’s pure comparative negligence rules, codified at Missouri Revised Statutes §537.765, all negligent parties are responsible for the results of their actions. A local attorney might file against multiple negligent parties, and each would owe the plaintiff a percentage of their damages equal to their contribution to the T-bone 18-wheeler accident that caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

Consult a Trusted Attorney after a Side-Impact Truck Accident in Creve Coeur

Recuperating from severe harm after being hit by an 18-wheeler could require all your time and energy. Trying to secure adequate compensation is a job best left to a professional while you work on getting better.

Engaging a dedicated attorney after your side-impact truck accident in Creve Coeur is convenient, simple, and could result in a better outcome than if you acted alone. Make an appointment for a case review today.