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Accidents that cause harm to any part of the neck or back tend to be painful and debilitating, even if symptoms go away completely with time and proper medical care. In some situations, neck and back trauma can leave someone with a permanent loss of motor and sensory function. This could potentially keep them from holding gainful employment or maintaining anything close to the standard of living they enjoyed before getting hurt.

If you need to recover compensation for an injury like this caused by someone else’s misconduct, seek help from a catastrophic accident attorney with experience handling cases like yours. With a knowledgeable Creve Coeur neck and back injury lawyer’s assistance, you could have an easier time identifying your recoverable losses and establishing liability for them.

The Value of Back and Neck Injury Claims

There is no set value for neck and back damage lawsuits or settlement amount in the state. As with all forms of personal injury litigation, the amount of compensation that a plaintiff is entitled to depends on the nature of their specific harm and the unique impacts it has on their life.

Because trauma of this nature could lead to a short-term loss of mobility at minimum, it is common for plaintiffs to seek restitution for past and future medical expenses. They could also file for past and future wage losses. For instance, someone who suffers a minor back injury that makes them miss several weeks of work could recover for short-term wage loss. On the other hand, someone who becomes quadriplegic might have grounds to recover for long-term loss of earning capacity.

Likewise, injuries with permanent consequences may allow for broader recovery when it comes to non-economic damages like lost quality of life and lost consortium. A local back and neck accident attorney could offer further clarification about what losses could be factored into a particular claim.

When Could Litigation Be Possible?

The fact that someone sustained neck or back trauma in an accident does not automatically entitle them to seek civil restitution for ensuing losses. To successfully hold someone else accountable for any personal harm, a plaintiff must establish that their named defendant owed them a duty of care. The claimant must also prove that the defendant violated their duty by acting carelessly and directly caused their harm through that misconduct.

Various forms of negligence could conceivably give rise to a civil claim. These could include motor vehicle collisions, slipping or tripping accidents, or even mistakes by medical professionals. A neck and back injury attorney in the area could review a prospective plaintiff’s circumstances and offer guidance about what recovery options might be available.

Speak with a Creve Coeur Neck and Back Injury Attorney to Learn More

Given the catastrophic effects that damage to the back or neck can have, it could be essential to have seasoned legal counsel on your side if pursuing civil recovery. Proceeding with your claim without guidance from a knowledgeable professional could leave you struggling to recover the amount of compensation you deserve.

A Creve Coeur neck and back injury lawyer could make all the difference in your case’s chances of a positive resolution. Call our office today to learn more.