A car crash could change your life in an instant. If a person is operating their vehicle in a reckless or negligent manner, even the most diligent drivers may be unable to protect themselves from dangerous motor vehicle collisions.

Whether you need help making an insurance claim or holding negligent motorists liable for their carelessness, a Creve Coeur car accident lawyer could help. A dedicated personal injury attorney might be able to help you recover monetary compensation for the losses you have suffered as a result of the crash.

Types of Vehicle Crashes Caused by Careless Drivers

Most motor vehicle accidents frequently occur when drivers disobey the rules of the road in violation of Missouri Revisor Statutes § 304.014. The most common accidents caused by motorist negligence include:

  • Rear-end collisions – These crashes often result from drivers following another vehicle too closely, speeding, or being distracted, such as by texting
  • T-Bone accidents – These life-threatening crashes frequently occur when drivers run red lights or fail to yield at intersections
  • Head-on crashes – Serious injuries, such as head trauma, may occur when drivers operate on the wrong side of the road or disobey traffic signals
  • Sideswipes – Unsafe lane changes, driving while intoxicated, and merging accidents frequently result in clipping vehicles in other lanes, causing them to spinout
  • Off-road and overturned vehicles – To avoid reckless and drunk drivers, safe drivers may need to execute emergency lane changes or quickly turn the wheel resulting in running the car off-road or an overturned vehicle

A Creve Coeur attorney could help drivers and passengers injured in car wrecks analyze the facts of the case and, if necessary, file a claim for damages with a local insurer.

Common Injuries Suffered in Car Wrecks

Victims of driver negligence commonly suffer from whiplash and other types of neck and back trauma after a motor vehicle collision. Shoulder strains, facial fractures, and knee dislocations also occur from the impact of a seatbelt, dashboard, or airbag. A knowledgeable lawyer in the area could help claimants suffering from these common car wreck injuries recover compensation for medical bills, physical therapy, and chiropractic care.

Unfortunately, serious vehicle crashes are among the leading cause of catastrophic personal injuries in the state. These life-altering injuries include:

These conditions often require long-term or lifetime care, and claimants must consider both their past losses and future needs when requesting compensation after a car crash. Legal professionals often help plaintiffs understand available compensation for these injuries.

What Compensation Can Be Recovered After a Motor Vehicle Collision?

An experienced attorney could help claimants harmed in a car accident recover a reasonable settlement from a liability insurer. However, many auto accident policies do not provide sufficient coverage for life-altering conditions. Legal professionals might recommend filing a car accident lawsuit against negligent drivers, vehicle owners, and liable employers when a person suffers significant injuries.

Experienced litigators could help claimants recover compensation for direct and indirect damages after a serious car crash. Direct losses include out-of-pocket expenses related to the car crash, including vehicle damage, medical bills, and lost wages. Indirect damages include certain incalculable losses such as pain, emotional distress, inconvenience, decreased quality of life, and inability to perform daily activities.

Dedicated legal advocates often retain qualified medical, physiological, and economic experts to help claimants calculate their past and anticipated financial needs. An accomplished attorney might also prepare testimony from friends, family members, co-workers, and other persons injured in motor vehicle accidents.

How Could Comparative Fault Impact Recovery?

Missouri is a pure comparative fault state, which means claimants can seek financial compensation for a vehicle wreck, even if they are partially responsible. However, their total recoverable damages would be reduced by their assigned percentage of fault.

For example, if someone failed to yield and was struck by a speeding driver, they could be determined to be 50 percent responsible for the wreck. In such case, the claimant could only receive up to 50 percent of their total available damages.

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