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Civil cases can be complex, and even a minor error in judgement could result in a person substantially impacting their potential recovery. Knowing what mistakes to avoid after a car accident in Creve Coeur could help you ensure you do not compromise your chances for recourse.

Therefore, it could be beneficial to speak with a skilled local injury attorney. Seasoned representation could guide you throughout the litigation process and answer any questions you may have.

Why is Admitting Fault in a Car Crash a Mistake?

Statements that are made to the police officer immediately after accident can significantly impact the case because often those are admissible. While they can be considered hearsay, generally they are considered an excited utterance, which is an exception to the hearsay rule.

In Missouri, it is admissible in a court of law as to whether or not a claimant was wearing their seatbelt. If they state that they were not, their damage award could be decreased on the grounds that they contributed to their injuries. The defendant’s insurance company could argue that the claimant would not have suffered these injuries had they worn their seatbelt.

While it is important not to lie, they do not need to volunteer information that could potentially damage their case. It is best practices to give basic information and get guidance from an accomplished attorney in the area to avoid mistakenly compromising the car wreck claim.

Risks of Refusing Timely Medical Treatment

Seeking prompt medical attention is important not only for a person’s wellbeing but also for strengthening their legal case. Car accidents often result in severe harm, such as traumatic brain injuries, that do not manifest themselves right away. Failing to receive treatment immediately after a crash could result in the TBI getting worse and the person suffering more devastating losses as a result.

Furthermore, seeking medical care directly after an auto collision helps prove the wreck caused the claimant physical and financial damage. Medical bills and expert testimony from local doctors could be strong evidence for a substantial damage award.

It is a huge mistake to not receive medical treatment after a car accident in Creve Coeur because if there is no evidence of damages, there is no case. Additionally, delayed treatment or failure to follow doctor’s orders gives the defendant grounds to argue that the claimant suffered harm in another way, not the wreck, or that the injuries suffered were not severe.

Giving Recorded Statements to Defendant Driver’s Insurance

Giving a recorded statement to the at fault driver’s insurance company is one of the biggest mistakes a claimant could make. In fact, plaintiffs should only speak with insurers under the supervision of their attorney.

This is because insurance companies routinely ask one sided or complex questions to try and get the claimant to admit fault. Lawyers are familiar with these tactics and could help a claimant avoid compromising their case.

Claimants should give a recorded statement to their insurance if requested. However, they should do it off the record because recorded statements are frequently abused by insurance companies.

Should Claimants Accept Payment from the Defendant’s Insurance?

A defendant driver’s insurance may offer a settlement check in an effort to quickly resolve the case. However, these offers are often insufficient and do not fairly compensate a claimant for their losses. People injured in auto crashes should consult with an experienced attorney before accepting a settlement offer.

Work with a Creve Coeur Attorney to Avoid Making Mistakes in a Case

In order to best avoid compromising your case, it is highly advisable that you seek legal guidance as soon as possible after suffering harm in a car crash. A local attorney could explain what mistakes to avoid after a car accident and help you take proactive steps to strengthen your claim for damages. To get started, call our office today and schedule your first consultation.