Whether it happens at a stoplight, while merging onto a highway, or in bumper-to-bumper traffic, getting rear-ended is a shocking and dangerous experience. Although passengers are generally protected by their vehicle’s frame, rear-end car accidents in Creve Coeur still cause substantial physical and financial losses to anyone involved.

In the aftermath of a wreck, representation from a qualified legal team could make a huge difference in filing for your injuries and recovering fair compensation. Once retained, an experienced car collision attorney could work through your claim to ensure your case has the best resolution possible.

Who is at Fault for Rear-End Car Wrecks?

All drivers on state roads have the same responsibility to act reasonably behind the wheel. They have a duty of care that requires them to follow traffic laws and consistently pay attention to other vehicles and people nearby. Anyone who does not uphold this obligation has breached their duty, and if that breach is the cause of a collision, that person could bear liability for any ensuing losses.

Most of the time, the person driving the rearmost vehicle involved in a local back-end automobile collision is at fault for causing the incident. This is because they were responsible for maintaining a safe distance between vehicles and slowing for obstacles. A rearmost driver could cause a crash in many ways, including being intoxicated or on their cell phone. In some situations, the driver in front is the one primarily to blame for the crash occurring. For instance, this could be because they merged onto a freeway suddenly without signaling or slammed on their brakes without good reason.

Comparative Fault

If the plaintiff bears partial fault for an incident, state courts generally reduce the plaintiff’s recoverable damages based on their percentage of fault. A motor vehicle accident attorney in the area could explain how liability works in these cases and what factors might play into a court’s determination of fault.

Recoverable Damages Through a Successful Back-End Crash Claim

A person injured in a back-end car wreck in the area has the right to demand financial restitution for the full value of damages because of another’s misconduct. Recoverable compensation can be economic damages like medical bills and car repair costs or non-economic like physical pain and psychological trauma.

The total value of a claim can vary between cases depending on what forms of harm a plaintiff suffered as a consequence of the incident in question. Guidance from seasoned legal counsel could be key to identifying all damages in a scenario and maximizing available compensation.

Talk to an Attorney about Rear-End Car Accidents in Creve Coeur

Being rear-ended can disrupt your life if you are fortunate enough to walk away without any serious injuries. If someone else’s negligence leads to you sustaining severe physical harm in this kind of situation, civil recovery could be essential to preserving your future financial security and personal prospects.

Seeking assistance from a knowledgeable attorney should be a priority for anyone caught up in a rear-end car accident in Creve Coeur. Call today for an initial consultation.