After a car crash, you may be hesitant to file a claim for damages because you do not wish to go to trial. However, the majority of auto collision cases are resolved without ever setting foot in a courtroom.

Settling car accident cases in Creve Coeur is a viable option for people who have been harmed in a wreck caused by another’s negligence. However, to ensure you are treated fairly, it is often advisable to seek guidance from a well-practiced local injury attorney.

What to Consider Before Settling a Car Wreck Case

After someone is injured in an auto accident, there are many factors they should consider when deciding whether to settle or go to trial. In order to determine if the settlement offer is fair, they have to look at all their current and future damages.

If it is a minor injury that requires minimum time to heal, then compensation will likely be lower than that for a severe injury. Furthermore, if the injury will make them unable to work at the same capacity, or prevents them from working at all, they should consider the loss of income when calculating their economic damages.

Another thing injured drivers should consider after a wreck is insurance coverage. They should have a clear understanding of the available coverage so that they are aware of the maximum potential recovery available through insurance.

They should then determine if the maximum available insurance coverage is enough to compensate them for all their financial, physical, and emotional losses. If they discover it will not cover their losses stemming from the car accident, they may decide against settling and instead take a case to trial.

Potential Challenges During Settlement Negotiations

There are a number of issues that an injured driver in Creve Coeur may encounter when negotiating a settlement. For instance, an insurance company will often delay negotiations by requesting additional medical bills that were not submitted or pre-existing medical records.

Another issue that frequently comes up during settlement negotiations is the defendant driver’s insurance company may disagree with the value of the case. Oftentimes, insurers value these cases really low, and offer claimants unreasonable settlement amounts. This requires the claimant and their local attorney to negotiate with the defendant driver’s insurance company for a better settlement offer, which can sometimes last several months to several years.

Medical liens can also provide a challenge when seeking compensation. It is important for injured claimants to effectively negotiate with medical professionals regarding medical liens to ensure that they are not going to lose all their settlement award to the healthcare providers.

Discuss Settling a Car Accident Case with a Creve Coeur Attorney

Many people who attempt to settle a car accident case without legal representation do not know what their case is actually worth. Local injury attorneys who have experience handling vehicle collision cases are vital in determining a fair settlement offer and could efficiently negotiate with a defendant’s insurance company.

Therefore, before you accept a settlement offer for a car wreck, consider speaking with a seasoned attorney at our firm. Call us today to learn more about what a lawyer could do for you.