A bit of dizziness from a blow to the head may not immediately seem like anything to worry about, but any injury to the brain should always be taken seriously, especially after a serious accident. Severe brain trauma does not always manifest visible symptoms right away, and if you fail to seek medical attention in time, you could end up suffering permanent damage before you even realize anything is wrong.

If your head trauma is the result of an accident someone else caused, you should consider reaching out to an experienced injury attorney from the area. A Creve Coeur traumatic brain injury lawyer could pursue compensation on your behalf for the various economic and non-economic damages you may face as a result of your TBI.

Long-Term Effects of Severe Brain Damage

Few types of injuries are more potentially dangerous than trauma to the brain, even if the individual feels fine initially or only experiences minor symptoms. While a single mild concussion will generally heal over time provided that the person does not suffer any more blows to the head, more severe trauma can unfortunately lead to permanent loss of sensation, loss of cognitive function, and sometimes even personality changes.

Anyone who strikes their head during an accident should seek prompt medical attention. Additionally, emergency treatment may be especially critical if any of the following symptoms appear:

  • Loss of consciousness for any longer than a few minutes
  • Seizures or convulsions
  • Persistent nausea and/or vomiting
  • Constant or worsening headaches
  • Loss of coordination or balance
  • Uneven or irregular pupil dilation
  • Slurred speech
  • Significant difficulty forming thoughts

Once retained, a Creve Coeur TBI attorney could ensure an injured individual is compensated for all medical care they sought to address their condition, as well as for various other expenses and personal losses.

Could Comparative Fault Reduce Compensation for a TBI?

A severe TBI is usually considered a catastrophic injury, as brain damage can often significantly and permanently reduce a person’s capacity to earn income, participate in hobbies, or even take care of themselves on a daily basis. However, even people suffering from severe head injuries are not immune from being found partially liable for their own damages if a court decides both they and the defendant were negligent.

Fortunately, Missouri courts adhere to a pure comparative fault system, so there is no percentage of fault a plaintiff can bear that would make them completely ineligible to seek civil compensation. However, since a plaintiff’s final damage award can be reduced by whatever percentage of fault they are found to bear, it can be incredibly important to work with a seasoned TBI lawyer from the area in order to maximize available recovery.

Talk to a Creve Coeur Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Today

If you experienced any kind of devastating injury to the brain, you could be overwhelmed with the mental and physical effects, as well as the expenses you may have to pay for proper treatment. You should not have to deal with the consequences of an injury this severe alone. Fortunately, if the harm was due to another person’s negligent conduct, you may not have to.

A skilled local traumatic brain injury lawyer could explain your legal options and set you on track toward civil recovery during a confidential consultation. Get in touch today to schedule yours.