Driving a passenger vehicle on the highway near large tractor-trailers can be nerve-wracking, especially since rigs have large blind spots. In heavy traffic, it can become easy to get stuck in a truck’s area of limited visibility, which is a dangerous place to be.

Truckers must have their full attention on the road at all times, especially since they have to keep track of the vehicles in their blind spots. A trucker who fails to do so might sideswipe a smaller vehicle when switching lanes or turning or rear-end a car or SUV that is traveling in front of the semi.

If you were injured in a blind spot truck accident in Creve Coeur, speak with a big rig crash attorney as soon as possible. You might be able to hold the trucker, their employer, and any other negligent party responsible for any losses you suffered in the accident.

Basic Information about Blind Spots

The blind spots, or areas of limited visibility, on large rigs create a significant hazard. The cabs are so high that a driver cannot see anything less than twenty feet in front of them. The rear blind spot extends thirty feet behind the trailer. The area of limited visibility on the left extends from the cab to the middle of the trailer. On the right, the blind spot extends the length of the trailer and across two lanes of traffic.

Technology can help relieve some of the dangers of blind spots. Mirrors and cameras allow drivers to see if vehicles enter their areas of limited visibility, and lane intrusion alarms signal if the truck is encroaching on another vehicle’s space. However, equipment and technology alone cannot eliminate the safety issues associated with these areas of limited visibility.

Truckers need to pay close attention to the movement of nearby vehicles to avoid an accident. They must continuously check their mirrors and cameras to track if vehicles enter their blind spots. A seasoned attorney in the area could establish that a trucker’s failure to give appropriate attention to other vehicles caused an accident.

Negligence in a  Semi Crash Caused by Limited Visibility

All drivers have a duty to obey traffic laws, maintain their vehicles, and drive in a manner befitting the driver’s experience and road conditions.

An 18-wheeler’s large size compared to other vehicles means they pose a particular danger that semi companies and drivers must mitigate to the extent possible. Federal law requires employing companies to comply with strict rules regarding vehicle maintenance, driver hiring, training and supervision, and driving schedules.

After an 18-wheeler wreck, a local attorney could review police reports and other evidence to pinpoint the cause of the blind spot incident. They also could investigate whether the employing company and driver complied with all applicable laws and regulations. If they uncover a violation, it could be evidence of negligence.

Avoiding Local Blind Spot Crashes

Drivers should do all they can to avoid traveling in a truck’s blind spot. However, if traffic is heavy or it is necessary to pass a slow-moving truck, being in one of these areas might be unavoidable.

Nevertheless, a trucking company might assert that an accident is the fault of the driver who entered the rig’s area of limited visibility. The parent company might attempt to use Revised Statute of Missouri §537.765 to minimize their responsibility. This law says that anyone who is partially at fault in a wreck must pay damages in proportion to their degree of responsibility.

A local attorney could identify all the parties whose negligence contributed to the 18-wheeler collision. If the injured person was negligent, their attorney could present evidence showing that their responsibility was minimal in comparison to that of other parties.

Call an Attorney about Blind Spot Truck Accidents in Creve Coeur

Trucking companies have teams of lawyers defending them after serious accidents. You should have an experienced professional fighting for your rights.

A knowledgeable lawyer could guide you through the process of seeking compensation after a blind spot truck accident in Creve Coeur. Reach out today to schedule a consultation.