Jackknife truck accidents can be exceptionally dangerous because the trailer might cut across several lanes of traffic, crushing anything in its path. Occupants of other vehicles involved in a jackknife wreck could suffer severe injuries.

If you suffered losses in a jackknife truck accident in Creve Coeur, you could be entitled to damages from anyone whose negligence was a factor in the wreck. Damages could cover medical expenses, diminished income, and provide compensation for your pain and suffering. A dedicated 18-wheeler collision attorney could explain your legal position and guide you through the process of seeking damages.

What Could Cause a Truck to Jackknife?

Most jackknifed trailer collisions are caused by an issue related to braking. Trucks are meant to decelerate slowly, and their operators need skill to slow their vehicle down at a safe and steady pace. If they follow another vehicle too closely and need to brake suddenly, the brakes might lock, and the trailer skids out at an angle to the cab.

Many jackknives occur in bad weather because brakes might not get enough traction on wet or icy road surfaces. Poorly maintained brakes or tires also could cause a skid that leads to a jackknife. Load shift also might lead to a skid and a jackknife.

A local crash attorney could review the circumstances of a jackknifed rig and subpoena relevant records to gain insights into its causes. Jackknives could be the result of negligence, and an injured person could claim damages against all the responsible parties.

Negligent Parties in a Jackknifed 18-Wheeler Case

Truck driver error could cause a jackknife because the trucker might have been speeding or following another vehicle too closely. If a trucker’s carelessness led to the incident, they, and their employer, could be liable for the losses others suffered in the wreck.

Depending on the circumstances, other parties also might have liability. If improper training led to the error, an injured person might hold the commercial driving school that graduated the driver responsible. If maintenance was an issue, the owner or repair shop could be liable.

A seasoned attorney in the area could identify all the parties whose negligence contributed to the jackknife semi crash and seek compensation from them. If multiple insurance companies fund a settlement, a badly injured person is more likely to receive a sum that provides adequate compensation for their losses.

Statute of Limitations for Jackknifed Semi Wrecks

The Revised Statutes of Missouri §516.120(4) sets the statute of limitations for personal injury at five years from the date of the injury. Unless an exception applies, claimants who fail to file a lawsuit within five years lose their right to sue. Despite the relatively generous timeframe, it is highly recommended to secure legal representation as soon as possible after a crash.

An injured person in the area could benefit by having a well-versed attorney working on their behalf as soon as possible after the jackknife 18-wheeler accident. They could work to preserve relevant evidence and ensure the claimant does not settle the case for less than it is worth.

Seek Help from a Creve Coeur Attorney After a Jackknife Crash

If you suffer injuries in a jackknife truck accident in Creve Coeur, you deserve fair compensation for all you have lost. A knowledgeable attorney could ensure that the negligent parties pay for the harm they did to you.

Your time to act is limited, so make an appointment today to speak with an experienced advocate. The sooner an attorney begins work on your case, the sooner it could settle. Call today.