A rollover accident occurs when a vehicle turns onto its roof or side, whether from being hit by another car or from a single-vehicle wreck. If another driver caused you to become involved in a rollover car accident in St. Louis, you could be entitled to pursue compensation for the damages you sustain.

These accidents can often result in debilitating injuries and expensive medical treatment. While the damage cannot be undone, holding the at-fault driver responsible for their actions could afford you the financial assistance and peace of mind you need to recover properly.

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Can You Prevent Being Involved in a Rollover?

Cars are not designed to withstand impact from the roof. This means that rollover auto accidents in St. Louis often result in catastrophic or fatal neck and head injuries due to the lack of protection on the top of the vehicle.

There are many things that can be done to prevent a rollover or any other type of car accident. These can include:

  • Driving safely and obeying the rules of the road such as speed limits
  • Yielding to the right of way of other drivers
  • Avoiding making abrupt turns
  • Driving more cautiously during bad weather or avoiding driving in it when possible

Unfortunately, some rollovers are not preventable regardless of how cautiously someone drives if other drivers do not uphold the same duty of care. Drunk drivers, distracted drivers, drowsy drivers, and basic negligence can all cause circumstances that result in a T-bone accident, head-on collision, or rollover. In addition, some automobiles are more prone to rollovers, such as SUVs and other top-heavy vehicles like Jeeps.

Steps to Take After a Rollover Auto Accident

Seeking appropriate medical care should always be the top priority after any type of auto accident. This ensures that the injured party is treated for any known or unknown injuries and provides crucial medical evidence when building a claim against the at-fault party. The police should also be notified so that a police report can be filed. These documents often provide a lot of useful information for attorneys when establishing liability.

If possible, an individual involved in a rollover auto crash in St. Louis should also take pictures of the damage, the crash scene, and their injuries to the best of their ability. Reaching out to qualified legal counsel early in the process is also a crucial step in ensuring evidence can be properly collected and preserved and that the injured party’s rights are maintained throughout. The injured should remember not to make any statements to insurance companies until their attorney has instructed them to do so. They should also refrain from posting photos or information on social media.

Contact a St. Louis Attorney for Legal Guidance Following a Rollover Car Accident

Car wrecks can have devastating consequences. Rollover car accidents in St. Louis often result in permanent injuries, psychological trauma, lost wages, and wrongful death. If you were involved in one of these incidents due to someone else’s negligent driving, you should not have to face these challenges alone.

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