A head-on collision is when two vehicles collide with their front ends. These types of accidents occur when one car passes over the center line or is going the wrong way and collides with another vehicle. In some instances, especially on the highways, these are also referred to as crossover accidents when one car loses control and crosses over the center median, striking another driver head-on.

If you were injured in a front-end car accident in St. Louis due to another driver’s negligence or inability to maintain proper control of their vehicle, you might be able to pursue compensation for your losses. Contact a seasoned car accident attorney from The Law Offices of Kevin J. Roach, LLC today to learn more.

Common Causes of Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions in St. Louis are extremely serious and, unfortunately, often result in fatalities. Other frequent injuries include catastrophic damage such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord damage, and paralysis.

Crossover accidents are typically the result of a driver losing control or being inattentive. Some common causes include:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Distracted driving such as texting, eating, talking on the phone, or reaching in the back seat
  • Drowsy driving or falling asleep at the wheel
  • Poor road or weather conditions
  • Inexperience behind the wheel
  • Driving too fast to maneuver a vehicle around sharp turns safely
  • Certain medications or medical conditions

These accidents can also occur due to defective auto parts or a lack of proper maintenance on a car causing it to malfunction.

How is Liability Determined in Crossover Accidents?

Fault is usually easy to determine in St. Louis crossover accidents. In most cases, the vehicle that crossed over into the other’s lane is deemed liable for the incident. However, sometimes it is not that cut and dry. In some instances, a driver may have been pushed into the other lane by another vehicle, or both cars could have crossed over, resulting in split liability.

Having witnesses to back up the police report is crucial in these circumstances because when the police arrive on the scene of a severe crash, both vehicles are often so damaged that it can be challenging to piece together what happened. In addition, independent witnesses are valuable evidence when building a claim because they do not know either of the drivers and have no reason to lie.

Sometimes an accident reconstruction is performed if witnesses are not readily available or it is unclear who violated their lane usage.

Enlist the Services of a St. Louis Attorney to Help You Pursue Compensation After a Front-End Car Accident

Front-end car accidents are often considered one of the most damaging types of crashes. The injuries sustained can be severe and come with the need for expensive lifelong medical care. The psychological trauma associated with crossover wrecks can be just as debilitating, and can lead to feelings of anxiety and a loss of enjoyment of life.

If you were involved in a head-on collision due to a careless driver, let our firm help you pursue the compensation you need to focus on healing and getting your life back to some sense of normalcy. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation to find out if our team of skilled attorneys could be of service to you.