If you were involved in an auto collision, you may be overwhelmed with figuring out what your first steps should be. Contacting an attorney after a St. Louis car accident can provide much-needed guidance in a time of stress.

At The Law Offices of Kevin J. Roach, LLC, we can take the lead in gathering and preserving critical evidence, pursuing compensation to help you recover for your losses, and ensuring you receive comprehensive medical care. Speak with a dedicated car accident attorney from our firm today to learn more.

When Should Someone Contact an Attorney?

An individual who has been involved in a St. Louis car accident should contact an attorney as soon as possible after the incident. This, of course, should come after seeking appropriate medical treatment, but securing legal counsel as early as possible is helpful for a person’s pursuit of compensation for multiple reasons. One of these is that when it is early on in the process, it is less likely that the insurance companies have been heavily involved. The goal of insurers is to lessen or eliminate the amount of money they might have to pay someone. However, people are not always aware of this and accidentally give them information that can weaken their case or mistakenly admit fault.

Another advantage of seeking an attorney early on is that they can typically help injured parties ensure the medical care they receive is adequate. They can arrange for individuals to receive physical therapy or pain management and determine if the necessary diagnostic testing was performed to rule out harm that might have gone undiagnosed at the ER, such as spinal injuries.

This is helpful not only from the standpoint of a person’s well-being but also in recovering for damages. Insurance companies consider everything when totaling a crash’s impact on someone’s life. They might have a severe injury, but without the proper treatment, it could go undiagnosed. This means they might not get compensated correctly to factor in the need for missed time at work or the potential for ongoing medical care.

Collecting Evidence to Prove Liability for an Auto Collision

Proving fault for a car wreck can be complicated and, in some circumstances, nearly impossible without the help of legal representation. Attorneys have contacts and access to information that a regular individual typically does not. For example, most modern vehicles have data modules that show the car’s speed shortly before a collision. They can download the data from these modules and know if someone was speeding or if they braked abruptly or made any sudden turns. This information, combined with a police report, can offer a wealth of evidence.

In some instances, legal professionals can hire experts to do an accident reconstruction. They look at the data and photos, take aerial pictures of the site, create 3D diagrams, and determine the likely cause of the accident and whether it was avoidable. Surveillance videos are also a useful tool that an attorney can attain.

Do Not Underestimate the Importance of Contacting an Attorney After a St. Louis Car Accident

Car wrecks can send your mind reeling. You will typically have many variables to consider and may be worried about your health and finances. Contacting an attorney after a St. Louis car accident can help to alleviate some of these burdens. Reach out today to schedule a consultation to get started.