The lumbar area of the spine is not as susceptible to harm as other areas closer to the neck. This is because the L-1 through L-5 vertebrae that protect it are thicker than most other vertebrae, allowing them to support the weight of the spine and upper body. If an external impact causes harm to this area, the effects of that injury can range to minor loss of sensation in the legs and toes, to permanent paralysis below the waist.

Lumbar spinal cord injuries in Creve Coeur can justify financial recovery if they stem from someone else acting in a careless, reckless, or intentionally malicious way. If you sustained harm of this nature through an accident you did not cause, a spinal cord accident attorney could be a crucial ally to have through civil litigation.

Potential Effects of Damage to the Lumbar Spine

Different nerves and nerve endings that connect to the spinal cord in the lumbar section control different bodily functions and areas. The L-1 and L-2 nerves are responsible for flexing and bending motions in the hips. The L-3, L-4, and L-5 control various functions in the legs: the knee joint, the arch of the foot, and extension of the toes, respectively.

Because of the various roles these nerves have, the effects of an injury can vary significantly based on precisely where it occurs. Harm to the lower part of the lumbar spine may result in a struggle with bowel and bladder control, as well as sexual function. People in the local area with upper lumbar spinal cord trauma may find they have a loss of function in the legs and become wheelchair bound or need walking braces.

How Valuable are Lumbar Spinal Cord Accident Claims?

People suffering trauma to the lumbar spine usually retain full control over their torso, arms, and fingers. In addition, many people are able to move around freely without assistive medical equipment and independently complete daily tasks.

However, that does not mean damage to this part of the spine cannot have serious repercussions that permanently alter the course of an injured person’s life. Depending on the circumstances, a person who sustains harm of this nature may find themselves dealing with different losses. These could be medical bills, lost short-term wages, and various forms of non-economic harm like physical pain and lost enjoyment of life.

Because people can suffer unique consequences from this trauma, there is no average amount of compensation that a claim like this in the local area is worth. A conversation with a qualified attorney could be crucial to helping a claimant understand their rights and begin the process of identifying recoverable damages.

Call an Attorney about Lumbar Spinal Cord Injuries in Creve Coeur Now

Any degree of spinal cord damage that results in a loss of bodily function can justify significant financial recovery through a lawsuit or settlement demand. However, if you try to pursue a claim like this by yourself, you may have slim chances of recovering any comprehensive restitution for your damages.

Achieving a positive result to a claim based on a lumbar spinal cord injury in Creve Coeur could be much easier with guidance from knowledgeable legal counsel. Call today to discuss your options.