The cervical spine is the section of the spinal cord closest to the brain, encompassing vertebrae C-1 through C-7, and is generally contained inside the neck. Damage to this area of the body tends to be especially devastating compared to other forms of spine damage, as injuries of this nature often result in permanent and widespread paralysis.

Understanding the nature and possible long-term effects of cervical spine injuries in Creve Coeur could be key to effectively seeking financial recovery for those losses. Here are some basic facts about this uniquely debilitating type of injury, all of which a knowledgeable spinal cord injury attorney could provide more information about during a private initial consultation.

What Effects Could a Cervical Spine Injury Have?

Broadly speaking, the lower the numerical designation of a vertebra is, the more severe and debilitating an injury to the spinal cord at that vertebra is likely to be. Accordingly, an impact that damages the spinal cord between the C-1 and C-4 vertebrae has potential to cause the most severe type of spinal cord injury.

Effects of Damage to the Upper Cervical Spine

Upper cervical spinal injuries typically result in total paralysis of the body below the neck, also known as quadriplegia. In particularly severe cases, injured individuals may also suffer from impaired speech as well as loss of control over their breathing, bladder, and bowel movements. People who sustain injuries like this almost always require 24-hour personal care every day and generally cannot complete daily tasks like eating or getting dressed by themselves. Also, any mobility they have is limited to specially designed and powered wheelchairs.

Effects of Damage to the Lower Cervical Spine

Injuries to the lower cervical spine between the C-5 and C-8 vertebrae usually result in widespread paralysis. Injured individuals may retain some amount of motor function in their arms and hands and could sometimes manage basic daily tasks by themselves. A local attorney could discuss the impacts of different cervical spinal damage and what that might mean for financial recovery efforts during a confidential consultation.

Prospects of Recovery for Cervical Spinal Damage

As with any other type of spine damage, the completeness of a cervical spine injury has a huge impact on someone’s prospects of long-term recovery. Because of how high up the spinal cord they occur, local cervical spinal trauma are often permanent. Physical recovery efforts generally focus on maximizing the functionality of non-paralyzed body parts rather than restoring functionality to places directly impacted by the injury.

Because of this, cervical spinal damage make for valuable personal injury claims, provided that a plaintiff has help from a knowledgeable legal team. Skilled legal counsel could help identify and valuate all their recoverable losses.

In addition to short-term medical expenses and wage losses, someone with damage to their cervical spine could seek restitution for long-term forms of harm. These could include lost earning capacity, lost quality of life, lost consortium, and various types of physical and psychological pain.

Talk to an Attorney about Cervical Spine Injuries in Creve Coeur

For various reasons, damage to the cervical part of the spine can be uniquely devastating in terms of personal losses. These injuries could be particularly complex and challenging to pursue, especially without qualified legal representation on your side.

After a cervical spine injury in Creve Coeur, contacting a trusted team to discuss your legal options should be a top priority. Schedule your initial meeting today.