Any car wreck can result in serious injuries for the people involved, but incidents that involve motor vehicles hitting pedestrians are especially catastrophic. Since people on sidewalks and in crosswalks have no external protection from vehicle impacts, they end up taking the full force of a car or truck striking them, resulting in devastating and often fatal injuries.

If a negligent driver struck you and caused you serious harm, a Creve Coeur pedestrian accident lawyer could help up pursue appropriate civil restitution. By proving liability for your accident through private settlement negotiation or a trial in civil court, you and a personal injury attorney may be able to hold that liable party responsible to pay for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

How Do People Walking Get Hurt by Vehicles?

In a lot of cases, pedestrian collisions occur in much the same ways that other types of car accidents do. A driver who recklessly or carelessly drives over the speed limit, fails to yield appropriately, or drives while distracted or intoxicated has a much higher risk of accidentally causing a crash than a responsible driver would under the same circumstances.

While motor vehicle drivers and passengers have seat belts, airbags, and the frame of the car itself to keep them safe during accidents, pedestrians have no such protections. Common injuries that local accident attorneys help pedestrians recover compensation for include:

Anyone hurt because a car hit them while they were walking should contact a local attorney to learn for which injuries they could claim compensation.

Seeking Compensation for a Pedestrian Collision

To be successful in an injured pedestrian claim requires demonstrating that the defendant was negligent and therefore liable for the accident in question. More specifically, a plaintiff seeking to prove legal negligence must provide evidence that the defendant owed a duty of care, subsequently violated that duty in some way, and caused an accident that resulted in compensable harm as a direct result of their breach of duty.

In some cases, the report filed by the officer responding to an accident scene is enough to establish a traffic violation that confirms liability of the driver. In other situations, there may be allegations made against the claimant stating that they were partially responsible for their own injuries, in which case they could have their damage award reduced.

Additionally, anyone seeking to recover for injuries sustained in a pedestrian crash must do so within the applicable statute of limitations. According to Missouri Revised Statutes §516.120, either a prospective plaintiff in the area or their pedestrian injury attorney must file suit within five years of the date their injuries occurred, or their case may be time-barred.

Reach Out to a Creve Coeur Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Getting struck by a car can result in devastating harm. If you suffered severe or permanent damage because of a driver’s negligent behavior, you may be dealing with immense financial, physical, and personal losses as a result.

Fortunately, you could be able to hold the driver who hit you accountable for every injury and loss you experienced if you can prove them liable in civil court. Call today to schedule your first meeting with a pedestrian accident lawyer and find out what may be possible in your situation.