A motor scooter, also known as a moped, is popular way for many people to travel short distances at low speeds. Because of their small size, no protection for riders, and low speeds, mopeds could have potential risks.

If you were involved in a Chesterfield motor scooter accident and you are suffering from injuries, contact a compassionate attorney experienced in personal injury cases to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

What Makes Mopeds Potentially Dangerous?

Like motorcycles, moped crashes could lead to catastrophic injuries or death if hit because they have little protection. Motor scooters have a 50 cubic centimeter engine, roughly the same as a riding lawn mower, so they have less horsepower than a motorcycle. Because of their slower speeds, they may not be able to avoid collisions like a motorcycle could.

A knowledgeable local attorney could help someone receive their desired compensation following a moped collision.

How Traffic Laws Apply to Motor Scooters

There are certain qualities a vehicle must have to be considered a motor scooter. The state moped law specifies that a vehicle is considered a motor scooter if it:

  • Is for a single rider
  • Has two wheels
  • Has an engine no larger than 50 cubic centimeters
  • Cannot driver faster than 30 miles per hour

Mopeds have different requirements than motorcycles do. Motorized scooter drivers only require a regular driver’s license to legally drive their vehicle. They also must wear a Department of Transportation (DOT) approved helmet and have proof of financial responsibility. Their scooter has to be insured, and the driver must lawfully obey all the rules of the road.

Moped owners do not need a title, registration, or a Class M motorcycle license. A driver of a moped has to be at least 16 years old and have to have a valid license. A well-versed attorney in the area could help make sure that a plaintiff has all the criteria met for their moped if they were in a wreck.

Consequences for Motor Scooter Violations

The consequences for moped and motorcycle infractions are the same. Someone on a moped still has to follow the same traffic laws as all other vehicles on the road. The only difference is that they cannot go on the highway because of their maximum speed limitation of 35 miles per hour.

How Might a Lawyer Help Someone Involved in a Moped Accident?

An experienced lawyer could help with many aspects in a scooter collision. In accidents like this, the at-fault driver might not see the moped, subsequently crashing into them.

Because the plaintiff is likely healing from severe wounds, paying expensive medical bills, or—in the worst scenario—mourning their loved one’s untimely passing because of the accident, complex laws could be even more stressful to navigate through alone. The person suffering has gone through enough, and a dedicated motor scooter collision attorney in the area has the skills needed to likely help them recover compensation for their losses.

Contact an Attorney About Your Chesterfield Motor Scooter Accident Today

Mopeds are a fun and unique way to enjoy transporting yourself from one place to another, but they also could be more dangerous than riding other two-wheeled motor vehicles. If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, contact a lawyer familiar with Chesterfield motor scooter accidents. You do not have to fight for your rights and compensation alone. Call now to learn more.