Because motorcycles are a unique form of transportation, there are certain rules that motorcyclists must follow to ensure the safety of themselves, passengers, and people around them.

If you have been in a motorbike crash caused by someone else and you were not following the law at the time, the amount of compensation you could receive may be reduced. A skilled motorcycle wreck attorney could help limit the amount your compensation is reduced by. Contacting an accident lawyer knowledgeable of motorcycle accident laws in Chesterfield could be your best option if you did not abide by certain standards during the time of the crash.

Motorcyclist Standards

Motorcyclists in the state must pass a special driver’s test before they may legally drive a motorcycle on roadways. Other requirements that motorcyclists must follow are:

  • Having the correct safety gear
  • Using proper equipment
  • Having one permitted passenger sitting on their own seat
  • Having valid insurance—$25,000 per person and $50,000 per crash

The state does not have an age limit for passengers, but motorcyclists are encouraged to use common sense when transporting people as to not put anyone vulnerable at risk.

A person on a motorcycle must have the state’s minimum liability coverage on their vehicle. Anyone driving any type of motor vehicle must have insurance for bodily injuries and property damage. A local well-versed attorney could make sure that the plaintiff was following all motorbike laws during the time of the collision.

What Types of Licenses are Required for Motorbikes?

In the state, a person has to obtain a license to drive a motorcycle. To earn the license, they must read a manual, understand safe riding requirements, and be familiar with the knowledge and skills required to operate a motorbike. The test measures whether they have the skill necessary to safely drive a motorcycle.

If they pass the exam, they will be given a state Class M license or permit which allows them to operate a motorcycle on the public roadways. If a person does not pass the test, they are not allowed to operate a motorbike.

If the person who passed the test is at least 15 and a half years old and has written consent of their parent or guardian, they may get a temporary permit. They also cannot have any passengers with them, and they can only drive during the daylight hours. A skilled Chesterfield attorney could make sure that a claimant has all the required licenses under state law in the event of a motorbike wreck.

Helmet Laws for Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists are encouraged to wear a helmet because it is a form of head protection that shields the brain in an emergency. If a motorcyclist is 26 or older and has health insurance, they are legally permitted to drive a motorcycle without a wearing a helmet.

A motorcyclist not wearing a helmet could strongly impact a case, specifically if they are legally obligated to wear one. The defense could argue that if the plaintiff had been following the rules and wearing their helmet, then they would not have been injured. This argument could be used to reduce an injured person’s damages, especially if they have a head wound. A combative local attorney could protect a claimants rights under state law in a motorbike wreck.

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Motorcycle accident laws in Chesterfield could greatly impact the outcome of the case regarding your crash. Enlisting the aid of a proactive lawyer familiar with local motorbike rules may be the best way to receive fair compensation for your injuries. Call our office today to learn more about your options.