Motorcycle accidents often are more devastating for riders than the occupants of vehicles, due to the lack of protection a motorbike offers. Even after a crash occurs, the impact can throw motorcycle riders into other vehicles, the road, and other stationary objects which can cause additional harm. As a result, if you sustained injuries in this type of collision, consulting a Chesterfield motorcycle accident lawyer may be beneficial.

Unlike passenger vehicles, motorcycles have no airbags, seatbelts, or other standard safety features to protect their riders. This fact places motorcyclists and their passengers in vulnerable positions when crashes occur. If other motorists are negligent in causing motorcycle crashes, a dedicated injury attorney may be able to help.

Common Motorbike Crashes

Various factors can lead to a motorcycle wreck in Chesterfield, some of which are unique to motorcycles. For instance, the small size of these bikes can lead to less visibility for other drivers.

However, the most common factor is the negligence of other drivers. Aggressive driving, improper passing, and speeding all can lead to motorists colliding with bikers. Likewise, impaired and distracted driving often can cause severe motorcycle accidents.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists are often assumed to be the primary cause for a crash. This misconception about motorcyclists may necessitate an investigation into these accidents by a local attorney. Getting legal representation to assess the possibility of a legal claim could be crucial.

Seeking Damages for an Injured Biker

Documenting all medical losses and other damages that result from motorcycle accidents can be crucial to a valid personal injury claim. Injury victims may be eligible to seek various damages that result from their motorcycle accidents. Some of these damages can include the following:

  • Lost wages and future earning capacity
  • Pain, suffering, and mental anguish
  • Medical expenses
  • Loss of enjoyment and quality of life

Another common type of damage is the cost of repairs to or replacement of wrecked motorcycles. For individuals who are injured in these crashes, the medical bills alone can be overwhelming. A skilled attorney in the area could be instrumental in assisting injured bikers file strong claims against third parties.

Establishing Negligence

In addition to damages, a civil claim requires the establishment of defendant negligence. If the conduct of a defendant falls below the standard of care that a reasonable person would act in the same situation, then that party may be liable for any injuries that their actions directly cause.

Proving negligence involves the establishment of four separate elements:

  • A party owes a legal duty of care to others
  • A party violates the required duty of care
  • The violation directly causes an accident that leads to injuries
  • Other individuals suffer losses as a result of their injuries

Motorists who are driving recklessly, distracted by cell phones or other electronic devices, or engaging in other negligent behaviors could be liable for a biker’s injuries.

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