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Paralysis injuries are catastrophic and can change your entire life entirely. They are among the most severe injuries, often requiring long-term medical care and rehabilitation. The effects of these injuries include reduced quality of life, expensive medical bills, and lost income.

You may be eligible for compensation when someone’s negligence causes you to suffer a paralyzing injury; a skilled catastrophic injury attorney could help you file a claim or lawsuit. Call a seasoned St. Louis paralysis injury lawyer for more information and to get help with your case.

What Are Common Accidents That Lead to Paralysis Injuries?

Any accident that causes damage to the spinal cord can lead to paralysis. Some of the most common accidents that lead to debilitating injuries include the following:

The way a paralysis injury impacts a person’s life depends on the amount of damage their spinal cord sustains.

Complete Versus Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury

Nearly 50 percent of spinal cord injuries are complete. Someone suffers complete spinal damage when the trauma they experience severs the nerves in their back, causing immobility below the injury site. On the other hand, an incomplete spinal cord injury does sever the person’s nerves.

After an accident, the injured person may have some ability to control the affected area. In other cases, surgery might help the injury heal. A knowledgeable attorney in St. Louis could explain the types of paralysis injuries that people often suffer from and determine how someone’s harm occurred.

How to Establish Liability in Paralysis Injury Cases

The claimant must establish liability to the court to collect damages from the at-fault party. Doing so requires proving these four elements:

  • The defendant owed the petitioner a duty of care
  • The defendant breached the duty
  • The breach caused the accident and resulting injuries
  • The plaintiff suffered verifiable damages

A St. Louis lawyer could prove these elements to hold the negligent party accountable for causing the paralysis injury. Likewise, the representative could collect evidence to prove the individual’s current and future losses.

The Pure Comparative Fault Rule in Missouri

Missouri follows the pure comparative fault rule for personal injury cases. Under the Missouri Revised Statutes § 537.765, the plaintiff can collect damages from the defendant even when the court determines they share liability.

According to the statute, the plaintiff can recover the remaining percentage of liability even when the court finds them primarily responsible. A hardworking attorney in St. Louis could answer questions about the pure comparative fault statute and fight to get the paralyzed individual the maximum recovery possible.

Schedule to Meet a Dedicated Paralysis Injury Attorney in St. Louis

An accident leading to spinal cord damage can have devastating consequences on your life and future. Fortunately, when your injury results from another person’s negligence, the civil court can hold them financially accountable for the effects of your harm.

An award for damages could allow you to hold the at-fault party responsible and seek the medical care you need and deserve. Schedule a consultation with a hard-working and experienced St. Louis paralysis injury lawyer to learn how we can help you fight your case.