Being involved in a rear-end motor vehicle collision could result in a long and complex legal case. Part of the reason these cases may take so long to finalize is because carelessness has to be determined in order for a claimant to receive compensation for their damages.

If you were injured in a car crash, contact a persistent lawyer to help you with establishing negligence in St. Louis rear-end accidents. A skilled attorney could help determine who was at fault and help you get the compensation you desire.

Contributory Negligence in Rear-End Collisions

In the state, a plaintiff does not have to be less than 50 percent liable to receive compensation. Even if a claimant is 90 percent liable, they may not be held responsible depending on the details of the case.

For example, say a semi-truck were pulled off to the side of the shoulder and was attempting to make an illegal left turn and the plaintiff crashed into the back of the semi. The plaintiff might be able to claim damages because the semi driver was doing something illegal.

While the plaintiff did rear-end the vehicle, but since the truck driver did not have the right to be in the roadway and was making an illegal turn, he was operating in a negligent manner. This would be an exception to the rear-end doctrine. A skilled rear-end collision attorney in the area could aid with establishing responsibility.

Compensation in Cases with Contributory Fault

If there are serious damages, a claimant could collect compensation for their losses. Connecting with a knowledgeable lawyer could save someone a significant amount of money by accurately determining fault in rear-end crashes. It is best to contact a lawyer who understands the laws and procedures for these types of cases so a plaintiff could get compensation for their losses.

For example, if a semi was making an illegal turn and got hit in the back, the semi driver would be cited for making an illegal turn. Even though the plaintiff hit the truck from behind, the plaintiff would be able to get a sizable settlement.

Methods to Determine Liability Rear-End Wreck Cases

An accomplished rear-end wreck lawyer in St. Louis could look at several aspects of the crash to help determine who is liable. These aspects could include police reports, data modules, accident reconstruction, and surveillance videos.

Police Reports

Police reports are used first to determine if there is any contributory negligence or if it is a clear liability case. After any type of incident, a police officer is required to write a detailed account of the events that took place. This document could help reveal key information for determining responsibility in a case.

Data Modules

An experienced automobile accident attorney could download information from data modules on the cars so they could get a snapshot of what happened a couple of seconds before a collision. The module may show the speed the driver was going, if they braked, or if they made any sudden turns.

Accident Reconstruction

Eagle eyed lawyers could do an accident reconstruction, which allows them to look at the data, take pictures, take aerial photos of the scene, and come up with a report on what was the likely cause of the wreck. They may also make 3D diagrams of the scene to prove that the claimant was not at fault.

Surveillance Videos

If there are serious damages, a dedicated rear-end wreck attorney might download the data from the vehicles, including surveillance videos. Dash-cams from the vehicles in the collision could create an accurate depiction of what happened. Aerial photos could also help to see the objective way that events unfolded and provide more evidence to prove liability.

Call a St. Louis Attorney for Help Establishing Negligence in a Rear-End Accident

With all of the factors that go into determining who was responsible for a crash, retaining a lawyer knowledgeable of rear-endings could be what you need to win your case.

Establishing negligence in St. Louis rear-end accidents does not have to be a hassle. Work with an auto collision attorney who wants to help you succeed. Call our office today to learn more about your options.