Electronic communication devices, such as smartphones, have changed how people operate in countless ways. Unfortunately, not all the changes are positive. Texting, talking on the phone, and other distracted driving actions are substantial causes of collisions.

Most states have signed new traffic rules into law prohibiting the action to cut down on the number of severe crashes. Schedule an appointment with an attorney knowledgeable about texting while driving car accidents in Eureka to learn more about your options for recovery.

Texting While Driving a Vehicle is Highly Dangerous

Any form of distraction while operating a motor vehicle presents many risks and places the driver and other motorists in harm’s way. However, texting while driving requires significant attention and involves all three types of hazardous driving distractions. The three primary forms of distractions include the following:

Cognitive Driving Distractions

Cognitive driving distractions cause the motorist’s mind to wander, taking their attention away from operating the vehicle. These actions include daydreaming, talking to passengers, reading, typing, or sending text messages.

Visual Distractions

Visual distractions are any action that causes the driver to take their eyes off the road, even if only for a second or two. The category includes playing with the radio, adjusting the GPS, dialing a phone number, and texting.

Manual Distractions

Removing one or both hands from the steering wheel for any purpose is a manual distraction. That includes eating or drinking, reaching for objects in the vehicle, and typing or sending text messages.

A Eureka attorney knowledgeable about texting while driving car crashes could investigate and help collect evidence to prove liability in civil court.

Recoverable Damages for Texting While Driving Lawsuits

After proving the defendant was texting when the auto collision occurred, the court may award a settlement to cover the following:

  • Current and future healthcare costs
  • Loss of pay and benefits
  • Medical devices and prescriptions
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Psychological and emotional anguish

The civil court will generally award a settlement to cover economic or out-of-pocket damages and noneconomic or subjective injuries and losses after a vehicle collision caused by texting and driving in Eureka.

State Hands-Free Law

The state has a hands-free law prohibiting motorists from using hand-held smartphones or other communication devices while driving. Under Missouri Revised Statutes § 304.822, drivers cannot use cellphones or other portable communication devices to verbally communicate, view images, or read and send text messages unless they pull over to a safe location and continue driving after they complete the action. Motorists may use hands-free or voice-controlled devices as long as they do not have to hold them physically.

A first offense for using electronic communication devices is $150, a second offense violation is $250, and a third or subsequent citation within 24 months is $500. Further, when a distracted driver using a cell phone causes a car accident in Eureka, they face criminal and civil penalties for their reckless actions.

Call an Attorney Seasoned in Eureka Texting While Driving Car Accidents

It is no secret that texting and driving places everyone at risk of suffering harm in traffic accidents. Sadly, despite the public service announcements and the number of life-threatening and fatal accidents, texting while operating a car continues to happen.

You could be eligible for compensation when you sustain damages because of a negligent motorist reading, writing, or sending text communications while driving. Schedule to meet with a compassionate lawyer skilled with texting while driving car accidents in Eureka when you need help with a case.