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How Rental Car Insurance Could Impact an Accident Case

Rental car accidents are pretty common in Missouri. There are various reasons why people may choose to rent a vehicle. Most commonly, people visiting from out-of-state may choose to rent a car in order to get around more easily. Other times, local residents may need to rent a vehicle if their personal car is unavailable.

Whatever the reason to rent a car, it is important to have a good understanding of the rental company’s insurance policy. This is because their coverage could have a significant impact on your case in the event of a wreck.

Whenever there are rental cars, there are always extra layers of coverage. For example, the driver may have their own coverage, as well as the passenger, and the driver might buy extra coverage through the rental car company. Additionally, the rental car company always has coverage on their vehicles just in case a driver is involved in a collision. This all makes insurance coverage much more complicated.

Understanding Rental Car Insurance

Insurance coverage in an auto accident case involving a rented vehicle is much different. A driver who rents a car can purchase extra insurance. In this instance, the driver would be covered by both their own coverage as well as the rental company’s.

However, a lot of times people will rent a car and waive the extra coverage. This can be problematic, especially if they do not have any insurance coverage on their own.

Under these circumstances, a local car accident attorney could work to find insurance coverage of the rental car company that could apply to the injured driver. The rental car company never wants to admit they have insurance, but they are required by Missouri law to carry it, so they will have at least the state minimum coverage.

Making sure you are adequately covered when renting a vehicle is vital, as the rental company will try to avoid providing compensation for your losses as best as they can. Therefore, if you were injured in a car accident involving a rented vehicle, you should seek guidance from an experienced lawyer. Call The Law Offices of Kevin J. Roach, LLC to begin working on your claim.