Accidents that result in someone sustaining trauma to the neck and back have the potential to cause exceptionally severe harm to that person. The spine—or more specifically, the spinal cord enclosed within the spine’s vertebrae—generally cannot heal from external damage, which means the outcome of a serious wound to the backbone often involves some form of permanent disability.

Recovering comprehensively from the effects of negligent behavior leading to this type of wound could be much easier with a Ballwin spinal cord injury lawyer. A catastrophic injury attorney who has handled cases of this uniquely sensitive nature in the past could be a crucial ally to have as you demand compensation for the impact your newfound injury has, and will have, on your life.

Causes and Effects of Spine Damage

As with many other varieties of wounds, back trauma most commonly stems from violent automobile wrecks that involve two or more vehicles colliding at high speed. Harm of this nature also may stem from:

Regardless of what circumstances specifically lead to spine trauma, the ensuing consequences are often permanent and life-changing. Depending on the location of damage to the backbone, a person may experience different degrees of paralysis—paraplegia in the lower limbs or quadriplegia in all four limbs and the torso, stemming from wounds closer to the neck.

If external trauma results in the bruising, twisting, or slight tearing of the spinal cord, claimants could recover from the physical effects of that wound over time. However, in many cases the spinal cord is completely severed or otherwise irreparably damaged, greatly increasing the extent and financial value of ensuing losses. A qualified local backbone injury attorney could provide crucial assistance fighting for fair restitution following any degree of back damage.

Recovering Compensation in Spinal Damage Cases

Specific recoverable damages in a personal injury claim involving spine trauma will vary depending on the extent of the trauma and on the plaintiff’s ability to prove that someone else directly caused their losses by breaching a duty of reasonable care owed to them. In virtually any scenario involving actionable negligence by a civil defendant, a hurt person could be able to recover for short-term losses like:

  • Emergency medical bills
  • Missed time at work
  • Personal property losses
  • Physical pain

Since spine damage often has permanent and debilitating repercussions, comprehensive recovery efforts may also need to account for long-term damages like lost earning capacity, costs of home modifications and future medical care, lost consortium, and lost enjoyment of life. During a private consultation, a compassionate lawyer could discuss what options for recovery may be available for a person with a neck wound in the area.

Enlist the Aid of a Ballwin Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Today

Severe damage to any part of the spine may have massive implications on what the rest of a person’s life could look like and what they may be able to accomplish despite their damages. Because of that, ensuring fair civil recovery for backbone damage caused by someone else’s misconduct might be an especially complex and high-stakes endeavor.

Seeking help from a Ballwin spinal cord injury lawyer could put you on track towards the best possible case resolution. Schedule an individualized meeting by calling today.