It is often easy for motorists to forget that they do not have the road to themselves. They may be unaware that bicyclists use many of the same roads and consequently do not make space for them or anticipate them when merging, braking, or turning. Cyclists struck by motor vehicles can get badly injured, and those injuries can have lasting effects.

Call a Ballwin bicycle accident lawyer to discuss your eligibility to seek compensation if you were involved in a bike crash. A compassionate local attorney could help you make an informed decision on how to proceed and whether or not you have a legitimate personal injury claim.

Laws Governing Bicyclists

Bicyclists are required to abide by the same rules as motorists when on the road. They have the same rights and the same obligation to drive responsibly. Defensive driving is even more important for cyclists because they are more exposed than vehicle drivers are, so they are more likely to get catastrophically injured in a collision than a motorist.

The city of Ballwin requires cyclists under the age of 17 to wear a helmet. Individuals who are 18 and older can choose not to do so, but this puts them at risk of traumatic head injuries, so it is always smart to wear a helmet regardless. Furthermore, failing to wear a helmet could result in a cyclist being found comparatively negligent, making the assistance of a seasoned local attorney even more important.

There are other safety best practices bikers should abide by, such as riding with the flow of traffic, refraining from drinking and riding, exercising special caution in urban areas and at night, looking ahead for obstructions in the road, wearing high visibility gear, and more. While the law may not mandate these practices, riders who employ them could significantly reduce their risk of being hit by a car.

Motorists’ Duty to Child Cyclists

Vehicle drivers are obligated to exercise caution when sharing the road with cyclists, and even more so if one of the cyclists is a child. If a person is driving in an area where they can reasonably expect children to be, such as near schools or parks or in neighborhoods, they must demonstrate “unusual care.” This means that they must go beyond the standard duty of care and be especially cautious if they have reason to believe that children are or might be present.

What is the Statute of Limitation for a Bike Wreck Case?

Injured cyclists who wish to pursue damages may be eligible to file a lawsuit. However, they must do this before the statute of limitation expires.

In Ballwin, injured bicyclists and their attorneys have five years from the date they sustained their injury to submit a claim. Submitting even a day after the statute of limitations expires could disqualify the case and any rights to compensation.

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