People can get injured through many different accidents, intentional acts, or negligence. If wounds become catastrophic, life-altering ramifications can occur. Some of the worst trauma someone could experience include damage to the brain and spinal cord, which can lead to partial or full paralysis.

The spinal cord allows signals from the brain to move to corresponding body parts. When the spinal cord can no longer carry the signal correctly, paralysis occurs. The intensity and location of the trauma determine the degree of paralysis.

After suffering a wound like this, a Ballwin paralysis injury lawyer could help you fight for the compensation you deserve. An accident with severe damage permanently affects person’s quality of life, however, you can still hold the responsible parties accountable with the aid of a catastrophic accident attorney.

Injuries that Cause Someone to be Paralyzed

Spinal cord wounds and traumatic brain damage are considered some of the most severe damages due to their long-term effects, and both can result in paralysis. Because the spinal cord is a delicate system, even a small amount of pressure on it can result in significant damage.

The severity of these wounds adds additional urgency for the plaintiff to prove that the incident in question caused them to be paralyzed. Establishing the cause of paralytic trauma often includes the testimony of medical experts and an experienced paralytic accident lawyer in the area to help you build your case.

Accidents that May Cause Paralysis

Becoming paralyzed can occur in a variety of ways and situations, such as high-impact collisions like car, truck, or motorcycle accidents.

Even slipping and falling can lead to spinal cord damage. The body impacting against a solid surface, especially at an odd angle, can easily inflict damage on the back, head, and neck.

Paralysis also can occur in cases involving medical malpractice. During some procedures, the spinal cord or brain may be exposed, and if a surgeon is negligent during a medical procedure, they may cause damage to them. A caring Ballwin paralysis attorney could aid someone in determining what caused their wounds.

Damages for Paralytic Wounds

Compensatory damages intend to put a claimant in the same position as if the injury had never happened. These damages seek to restore the plaintiff’s financial, physical, and emotional well-being by assigning a monetary value to their losses.

Claims that involve someone becoming paralyzed include additional forms of compensation that are only awarded for severe wounds. This is because state law considers the long-term effects for a person who must now live with paralysis or a life-altering wound.

A paralytic accident attorney may be able to help a hurt party recover compensation for:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Medical Equipment
  • Loss of Income
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of quality of life and consortium

A local attorney knowledgeable of cases involving paralytic injuries could help a plaintiff determine which damages could be available for recovery.

Statute of Limitations in Cases Where Someone Gets Paralyzed

Claims involving paralytic wounds are subject to a strict time limit that starts immediately after the accident occurs, known as a statute of limitations. Deadlines are placed on cases to allow the proper preservation of evidence and fairness to the accused parties.

In the state, claimants have five years from the date of the accident to file a claim under Missouri Revised Statutes § 516.120. A claimant must file as soon as possible to avoid waiving their right to recovery. A knowledgeable paralytic accident attorney in the area may be able to determine the applicable time limit to file a claim successfully.

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