Any instance when someone causes harm to another person through their own misconduct, civil litigation can be an important way for the injured party to recover their short-term losses while preserving their future financial security. If someone’s recklessness or carelessness has debilitating repercussions for the impacted person, any ensuing settlement must take into account for such an incident’s life-altering effects.

If you need financial recovery for a wound that will last the rest of your life, seeking help from a Ballwin catastrophic injury lawyer may be crucial to protecting your best interests. A personal injury attorney who has successfully handled past claims like yours could play a key role in establishing fault and securing fair compensation for the lifelong effects your wounds will have on you.

Long-Term Impacts of Catastrophic Harm

Missouri Revised Statutes § 538.205 defines a catastrophic injury as a wound resulting in any of the following:

  • Paraplegia or quadriplegia
  • Loss of more than one limb
  • Brain damage resulting in permanent loss of cognitive or motor function
  • Internal damage leading to failure of a major organ or organ system
  • Substantial loss of vision

While there is no equivalent statutory definition for harm arising under other circumstances, legal authorities broadly use this definition of catastrophic injuries regardless of the form of negligence the wounds stemmed from.

Catastrophic wounds have permanent consequences for those who sustain them and result in a significant loss of physical or psychological function. Comprehensive civil recovery for a wound like this requires a plaintiff to account for losses they have sustained—and will likely sustain in the future—by the time of filing. Representation from a skilled local severe injury attorney may be essential to accurately estimate the value of—and demand restitution for—future damages like lost earning capacity, costs of rehabilitative care and specialized medical equipment, physical pain, and lost enjoyment of life.

Obstacles in Effective Recovery from Severe Injuries

The severity of a personal wound has no bearing on whether the impacted person may be found partially to blame for the circumstances that led to them getting hurt. Just like personal injury claims based on less severe situations, courts in the state can reduce the amount of compensation available to a plaintiff based on the percentage of total fault the court assigns to that person for their own role in causing their harm.

Statute of Limitations

Furthermore, M.R.S. § 516.120 sets a five-year filing deadline for most personal harm claims, which—while more generous than equivalent deadlines in many other states—is rarely enough time for the full impact of a permanent wound to become clear. Navigating possible legal roadblocks could be much easier with guidance from a severe accident lawyer in the area.

Seek Help from a Ballwin Catastrophic Injury Attorney

In the event that negligent conduct results in irreversible harm to someone, comprehensive civil recovery could be especially important to preserving the well-being of the party who sustained that harm. Establishing the value of losses that have yet to happen—let alone acquiring fair compensation for them—can be immensely challenging without professional legal support.

A qualified Ballwin catastrophic injury lawyer could be the ally you need to seek the best outcome possible to your civil claim. Call our personable team today to learn more.