Using public roads safely requires every motorist to pay attention and apply the care necessary for driving a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, many people drive negligently and because of this, crashes happen.

Rear-end car accidents in Ballwin often occur because a driver is distracted or follows another vehicle too closely. If the back of your car was struck and caused you to become wounded, you may be entitled to compensation. After seeking medical attention, a car wreck attorney could help you pursue compensation for your damages.

What Could Cause Someone to Hit the Back of Another Vehicle?

Rear-end wrecks can occur while sitting at an intersection or reducing speed to turn onto another road or driveway. The motorists that causes a collision may have been distracted, or they may have not properly maintained their distance between the vehicle in front of them and lacked the ability to stop appropriately.

Regardless of the reason for the accident, most car collisions where the back of a car was struck are avoidable. Because someone is usually at fault for a wreck like this, a claimant could file a lawsuit against them. An accomplished local rear-end collision attorney could help determine what was the cause of the crash.

Fault in a Rear-End Accident

To handle these types of crashes, the state has adopted the rear-end collision doctrine. This doctrine determines that the injured driver of the vehicle that is struck is not required to prove a specified act of negligence by the responsible driver.

However, the claimant must show the following they:

  • Had a legal right to be on that stretch of road
  • Were rear-ended by another vehicle
  • Were not acting carelessly in any other way

When the conditions above are shown, a presumption is established that the colliding driver was negligent.  A knowledgeable rear-end attorney in the area could aid a claimant in proving the requirements for the doctrine.

Damages When the Back of a Car is Struck

Parties who sustain damages in wrecks when the back of a vehicle is hit may be entitled to damages. Damages are awarded to aid an injured person with their medical expenses and other losses caused by the wreck.

During collisions between the back of one car and the front of another vehicle, people’s bodies are subjected to forces that can cause soft tissue sprains or strains, broken bones, concussions or brain injuries, and lacerations.

An injured party may recover damages for medical treatment, physical therapy, future disability, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Some damages, like medical expenses, are easy to calculate. Harm such as emotional distress is challenging to assign an appropriate monetary value because there are no specific amounts that coordinate with it. A local attorney familiar with rear-end car wrecks could analyze the case and determine for which losses the plaintiff could claim.

Call an Attorney Familiar with Rear-End Car Accidents in Ballwin Now

Rear-end car accidents in Ballwin can lead to severe injuries. Being hurt by a negligent driver can have long-term and expensive consequences. While you heal, let a knowledgeable attorney fight for your rights and compensation.

If you are considering filing a personal injury claim, call our office and speak with a qualified rear-end traffic accident attorney. Schedule your consultation today.