Motorists are obligated to drive in ways that do not endanger other drivers and passengers. However, many do not recognize that this obligation extends to people on foot. Additionally, this duty of protection applies not just to when a pedestrian is on the road. Drivers must also be sure not to cause harm to people on sidewalks or in parking lots.

It is an unfortunate truth that many individuals fail to provide this protection and cause collisions that result in severe injuries and even death. If you have endured harm because of someone else’s poor choices while you were on foot, you have the right to demand compensation for your losses. A Fenton pedestrian accident lawyer could help you seek these payments. Call us today to speak with a dedicated personal injury attorney to learn more.

The Laws that Protect Pedestrians

People who get behind the wheels of motor vehicles have a general duty to protect others they may encounter. This includes being sure to follow the standard rules of the road, such as speed limits, the requirement to stop at red lights, and to use headlights while operating at night. These laws exist to protect all people on or near the road regardless of their mode of transportation.

In addition, specific rules determine how drivers must act when encountering pedestrians in crosswalks. Missouri Revised Statute § 300.375 says that drivers must yield by coming to a complete stop within the roadway to allow that pedestrian to pass.

However, related laws also require pedestrians not to leave a curb or other place of safety in a way that hinders a driver’s opportunity to stop. As a result, many pedestrian collision cases involve an analysis of the actions of both involved parties. A pedestrian accident attorney could work to collect the evidence that shows a driver to be entirely to blame for a crash.

Collisions May Impact Pedestrians in Many Ways

People who suffer injuries in collisions while on foot are lucky if they are able to walk away from the scene. Even crashes at low speeds have the potential to break bones, separate joints, or cause catastrophic harm such as spinal cord damage, paralysis, or brain injuries. A person who endures these injuries because of the actions of drivers has the right to demand compensation to pay for all needed medical care. This includes both past accumulated costs and estimated future payments.

Sadly, physical injuries are not the only potential consequences of these events. Many pedestrians find that the emotional traumas connected to the incident are just as serious as their physical losses. Physical injuries often result in significant pain. Individuals may also endure nightmares, flashbacks, or other forms of PTSD that limit their ability to live their lives to the fullest. A pedestrian accident attorney in Fenton is ready to listen to understand how an event has impacted someone’s life and place the proper dollar value on these experiences to demand adequate compensation from the at-fault parties.

Reach Out to a Fenton Pedestrian Accident Attorney Now

All people traveling on or near places where there are motor vehicles deserve to feel safe from the poor decisions of others. This applies regardless of whether you were in a car or on foot at the time. Drivers are obligated to protect those they may encounter, no matter their mode of transportation or location. If they cause injuries by failing to provide this protection, they are liable for all resulting damage.

A Fenton pedestrian accident lawyer could help show that a driver was responsible for a crash and demonstrate how that event has changed your life. Speak with our dedicated team now to learn more about your rights and how we could fight for you.