We all have the right to feel safe when traveling on Missouri’s roads. Sadly, the choices of others can jeopardize this safety by violating traffic rules and taking their attention away from their surroundings. This can lead to collisions that result in not just physical injuries but can also inflict emotional trauma and result in significant financial losses.

If another driver was responsible for your damages, a Fenton car accident lawyer is ready to help hold them liable. We could work to prove that another driver caused the crash and show how that event has changed your life. This helps to protect your legal rights while you focus on making your best recovery. Reach out to a skilled personal injury attorney from our firm to learn more.

Common Causes of Car Crashes and Proving Liability

Car collisions are common occurrences. This is a product of the sheer number of vehicles on the road and the carelessness of many drivers. While it is true that every accident is someone’s fault, the presence or extent of a person’s injuries is never proof of liability. Instead, the law requires injured people to show that another’s poor driving was the direct and proximate cause of a crash and resulting damages.

Many wrecks result from violations of traffic laws. These may include speeding, tailgating, failing to use turn signals, or not stopping at red lights. Other collisions are the result of simple carelessness. A driver may be distracted from eating behind the wheel, changing radio stations, or drowsiness. A car crash attorney could help investigate whether a Fenton collision resulted from a violation of a rule of the road and leverage this fact into a strong demand for compensation.

Injured Motorists Deserve Full Compensation for Their Losses

It is a core idea under the law that drivers who cause injuries through their actions must provide full compensation to all affected people. However, obtaining these payments is rarely easy.

One common hurdle is the statute of limitations. This is a time limit that a person must meet to collect payments for their losses. Under Missouri Statute § 516.120, most people have five years from the crash date to demand compensation.

Often, the most complex part of a car crash case is showing how that event has impacted a person’s life. This certainly includes physical injuries and the costs associated with treating them. However, it may also include pain, suffering, emotional traumas, and other reductions in a person’s quality of life. It could also involve measuring property damage and lost wages that affect an individual’s finances. A dedicated attorney could strive to measure the impact of an auto crash and prove liability within the applicable time limits of a case.

Contact a Fenton Car Accident Attorney Immediately

Every moment following a car collision is critical. Not only is this the right time to seek appropriate medical care, but it may be your only chance to obtain vital evidence concerning who is to blame for the crash. You can be sure that at-fault drivers and their insurance companies will be building their defense, and information may become more challenging to obtain or disappear entirely as time moves on.

Reaching out to a Fenton car accident lawyer allows them to get to work helping you immediately. This includes building powerful cases against other drivers, measuring how the event has changed your life and demanding appropriate compensation through insurance settlements and lawsuits. Give the Law Offices of Kevin J. Roach, LLC, a call to get started.