If you sustained injuries in a motorcycle crash, you need help from a capable personal injury attorney. Any party that contributed to the incident could be legally responsible for paying compensation to help you recover for your losses.

A Eureka motorcycle accident lawyer understands the challenges of representing an individual in a claim for damages and is up to the task. Call as soon as possible after the wreck.

Laws Governing Motorcyclists

Insurance companies and even regular citizens sometimes perceive motorcyclists as non-conforming risk-takers. These perceptions can sometimes pose a challenge when a Eureka attorney negotiates a settlement after a motorcycle wreck or presents evidence to a jury. A biker who follows the laws governing motorcycle operation in the state helps their case.

Missouri requires owners to register their motorcycles and have them inspected every other year once the bike is five years past its manufacturing date. Other regulations include the biker carrying liability insurance in case of an accident and having a Class M license or endorsement on their driver’s license.

Additionally, in 2020, Missouri Revised Statutes § 302.026 relaxed the helmet requirement for motorcycle riders. Operators 26 or older may ride without a helmet if they have insurance that will cover their medical expenses in a collision. However, passengers must always wear helmets regardless of age or insurance coverage.

Pinpointing Negligence in a Motorcycle Wreck

State law makes the negligent party responsible for paying the damages of anyone injured in a vehicle crash. When motorcycles and passenger vehicles collide, the driver is often at least partially responsible.

Drivers are attuned to other vehicles but often do not notice motorcycles. Many accidents result from this lack of awareness. Common causes of motorcycle crashes resulting from driver negligence include:

  • Impinging on the lane where a biker is riding
  • Turning in front of a bike with the right-of-way
  • Rear-ending a biker stopped in traffic or at a light
  • Opening a vehicle’s door into a motorcyclist’s path

Operating a vehicle while distracted or under the influence of alcohol or drugs also frequently contributes to motorcycle crashes.

Of course, a biker might be partially responsible for an accident if they speed, split lanes, or operate their motorcycles recklessly. Manufacturers are also potentially liable if mechanical failure was an issue in the crash. A diligent attorney could investigate the motorcycle wreck to identify any parties who might be at fault.

Damages in Motorbike Collision Cases

Bikers who get into collisions with cars and trucks often suffer severe injuries that could leave them with permanent impairments and disabilities. Even if the biker makes a complete recovery, they typically sustain significant losses. Damages is the term used for the compensation awarded to injured individuals that is meant to reimburse them for these losses.

Economic damages cover medical care and treatment, lost wages and diminished income, property damage, and other out-of-pocket expenses associated with the incident. Non-economic damages often represent the larger share of a biker’s award and are meant to address things such as:

  • Disfigurement
  • Disability
  • Emotional trauma
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Lost enjoyment of life

A Eureka attorney could help a rider and their family document their expenses and demonstrate how the accident impacted their life to form a settlement package that properly reflects their needs.

Trust Our Attorneys to Handle Your Motorcycle Accident Case

A motorcycle crash could upend a rider’s life completely, leading to significant injuries and long months of rehabilitation. A Eureka motorcycle accident lawyer could investigate the incident, identify all the potentially responsible parties, and help maximize potential compensation.

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