Any motor vehicle accident could result in devastating injuries, but the risk significantly increases when a passenger vehicle and a large commercial truck collide. Semi tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, or similar commercial vehicles outweigh even the largest passenger vehicles. You should consider consulting a Chesterfield truck accident lawyer for advice if you or a loved one has suffered severe injuries in this type of crash.

When a commercial truck causes a severe collision, and injuries have occurred, getting legal assistance can be of the utmost importance. An experienced personal injury attorney could stand by your side to ensure that you are offered a comprehensive and sufficient recovery for your losses.

Trucking Laws in Missouri

Various federal regulations govern the commercial trucking industry, which the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration monitors and enforces. When truckers or trucking companies violate these regulations, or other applicable laws, and a crash occurs, they may be liable for the resulting injuries.
Some of the most common regulations implicated in truck accidents involving injuries are those that control:

  • The work and rest hours of drivers
  • Maintenance of driver, inspection, and repair logs
  • Standards that individuals must meet to keep their commercial licenses

Proper investigation of a truck wreck involves an examination of compliance with federal regulations, both currently and in the recent past. Trucking companies with a history of ignoring or failing to follow these regulations may face a higher risk of liability in these cases. An experienced lawyer who is knowledgeable about the local and federal trucking laws could be beneficial in the event of an accident.

Common Causes of Commercial Vehicle Wrecks

Commercial truck accidents can occur in various scenarios, many of which are attributable to the negligence of truck drivers, trucking companies, truck maintenance services, and manufacturers of trucks and their parts. For instance, truck drivers may be negligent if they cause accidents while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. They may also be negligent if they violate federal regulations that govern their consecutive work hours and rest periods.

Trucking companies can face liability for the negligent acts of their employees. These companies could also be held accountable for negligent training and supervision of new drivers and failure to conduct background checks on drivers. Furthermore, trucking companies may fail to ensure truck drivers adhere to the hours of service regulations or even encourage them to violate these rules by expecting unreasonable pick-up and delivery times.

Damages in Truck Collision Cases

Due to the size and weight of commercial vehicles compared to cars, truck accidents can have horrific consequences for the drivers and occupants of passenger vehicles. They may suffer severe injuries such as traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord damage that could result in permanent impairments, such as paralysis.

The potential damages that injured parties can seek following a truck collision vary from case to case. Aside from property damage to vehicles, other possible damages in a personal injury claim might include:

  • Pain and suffering, as well as emotional distress
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Permanent impairments
  • Costs of medical treatment, surgery, rehabilitation, and assistive medical devices

In the cases of permanent disability, individuals may be unable to return their former careers. This can add a claim for damages related to the loss of income. A truck wreck attorney in Chesterfield could evaluate the situation and seek a full and complete recovery.

Work with a Chesterfield Truck Accident Attorney

Commercial vehicle wrecks require immediate collection and preservation of evidence, as well as a close examination of the circumstances surrounding the crash. Injured parties need to focus their full efforts on physical and emotional recovery, not financial and legal matters. A local truck accident lawyer may be able to relieve you and your family of some of these pressures by handling your claim.

When you have a reliable legal representative to advocate on your behalf, you may be in a better position to get the compensation that you need. Call our office today and schedule a consultation with our trustworthy attorneys.