A catastrophic injury refers to devastating harm that is long-term, permanent, debilitating, or resulted in a deformity. Some examples of catastrophic injuries are head injuries, spinal cord damage, and limb loss.

Catastrophic injuries often have emotional, financial, and physical consequences for the injured party and their loved ones. An experienced Chesterfield catastrophic injury lawyer could assess your current damages and determine if filing a claim is your best legal option. If so, a compassionate injury attorney could guide you through the legal process and ensure you are properly compensated for your losses.

Devastating Injury Claim Process

No two catastrophic injury claims have the same set of facts. However, each case begins with someone suffering harm due to another person’s negligent actions. Accordingly, the first step an injured party should take in after suffering traumatic harm is to receive medical attention from a qualified healthcare provider.

An injured party should anticipate their claim taking a significant amount of time to resolve. A typical catastrophic injury case timeline for an injured party will include:

  • An initial consultation and case evaluation
  • An investigation and review of evidence
  • A demand to the at-fault party for financial compensation
  • Filing a lawsuit if the at-fault party denies the demand
  • A discovery process where both the plaintiff and defendant collect evidence such as witness testimonies
  • A meeting between the parties after the discovery process to attempt a settlement agreement
  • Mediation with a neutral third-party to negotiate if the parties fail to reach a settlement agreement
  • A trial as a last resort where each party can present evidence to secure a verdict in their favor

Some devastating injury claims take years to resolve due to several factors, such as the complexity of the case and the length of the discovery process. A qualified  attorney in the area could begin working on a catastrophically injured party’s case immediately.

Recoverable Damages for Traumatic Harm

Treating severe injuries often requires around-the-clock care and medical attention. Consequently, many injured parties may need to purchase expensive equipment, make home renovations, or hire caretakers. To compensate for these and other losses, an injured party may be entitled to damages covering:

  • Property repair or replacement
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Emotional trauma such as pain and suffering
  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Permanent disability

Compensatory damages aim to make a plaintiff financially whole again.  A compassionate Chesterfield lawyer could ensure that an injured party receives full compensations for their devastating losses and future costs.

Statute of Limitations in Missouri

A statute of limitations sets a legal deadline for a party to file a lawsuit. Under Missouri law, an injured party has five years from the date of the accident or the date the injury became known to file a catastrophic injury claim in civil court. Although five years seems like a significant period, waiting to file a claim could complicate the discovery period and delay a settlement.

In most cases, the court will dismiss a case after this deadline expires, resulting in an injured party losing their ability to receive financial compensation. A local attorney could help an injured party file their traumatic injury claim promptly.

Contact a Catastrophic Injury Attorney for Assistance

It can be challenging to return to your normal life after sustaining a catastrophic injury, and the financial, emotional, and physical burdens can quickly take a toll. Fortunately, there are steps you could take to seek compensation for the harm you suffered.

A dedicated Chesterfield catastrophic injury lawyer could help you pursue a claim and settlement. Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation.