Many people in Missouri rely on buses to travel. Unfortunately, when these large, public transportation vehicles are involved in a wreck, it can result in devastating harm to the occupants of the bus and the other vehicle.

If you or a loved one suffered emotional or physical traumas from a bus wreck, you might need to meet with an accomplished injury attorney to discuss what happened. An experienced Chesterfield bus accident lawyer could help you document evidence, understand complex law, and prepare a persuasive claim.

Multiple Defendants in Bus Wreck Cases

In some cases, multiple parties could be held liable for causing the bus crash. A common carrier accident often occurs due to the negligent behavior of a bus driver, such as driving while intoxicated, sleep-deprived, or texting. Any driver that fails to operate the public transportation vehicle reasonably is likely to endanger another person and could be found guilty of negligent driving.

In other cases, a defective bus part or improper bus maintenance may cause an accident. All parties involved with the manufacturing and maintenance of the bus could be potential defendants in these cases, including the bus owner, the bus company, and the bus mechanic.

A competent local lawyer could leverage personal injury laws to help an injured party receive financial compensation for their injuries sustained in a bus crash. This compensation could cover the medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses suffered by the claimant.

Avoiding Collisions with Buses

Buses have the potential to cause catastrophic damage in an accident with another vehicle. There are several steps that car drivers may take to reduce their risk of being injured in a bus wreck, including:

  • Driving in front of or behind a bus instead of in a bus’s blind spot
  • Changing lanes far behind a bus
  • Not tailgating behind a bus
  • Slowing down for a bus’s wide turns

Although trained bus operators know proper safety practices, human error and road conditions are sometimes unpredictable. The safest approach a motorist can take is driving carefully and defensively when near a public transportation vehicle.

Large corporations and the government own the majority of buses in Missouri. Therefore, an injured party may have to sue an entity with significant resources. A qualified bus crash attorney in the area could counter the defendant’s tactics and protect an injured party’s right to financial compensation.

Settlements in Common Carrier Accident Cases

Most bus collision cases will end in an out-of-court settlement. Settlement agreements have several advantages, such as saving litigants the time and money that go into a trial.

In many cases, the bus company’s insurer will offer a settlement soon after the accident occurred. The person injured in a bus crash should not accept a settlement offer without consulting with a Chesterfield lawyer because the proposal is likely much less than what they deserve. An accomplished attorney could negotiate a settlement on an injured party’s behalf or, if necessary, represent them in court.

Speak with a Chesterfield Bus Accident Attorney Today

Whether you were driving your own vehicle or a passenger on a bus, public transit collisions can result in devastating emotional, physical, and financial losses. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you could face expensive medical bills and time off work.

Fortunately, Missouri law provides some protections for injured parties. A knowledgeable Chesterfield bus accident lawyer could guide you through the process of recovering compensation. Contact our firm today to speak with one of our trustworthy attorneys.