Will Reflective Paint on Animals Reduce the Number of Animal-Caused Accidents?

St. Louis Car Accident Attorney - Law Offices of Kevin J Roach, LLCMotor vehicle accidents can be caused by distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and objects in the road. Objects, including animals, cause accidents in the rural areas of Missouri as well as neighborhoods. Whether they are domesticated or wild, these animals can cause devastating accidents with serious injuries.

Wandering animals and pets create dangerous roadblocks. When a collision occurs with these animals, the results may be deadly. Each year, animal-related accidents in Missouri cause fatalities and cost thousands in property damage. Having a direct impact with a large animal often leads to serious injuries – sometimes more serious than when two vehicles collide.

What the UK Is Doing

In the United Kingdom, they have their fair share of rural roads and plenty of accidents involving wild and domesticated animals. To help prevent further accidents, farmers are now painting their livestock with reflective paint in hopes that drivers will be able to see animals late at night – and avoid accidents. Whether this will reduce the number of accidents that are the result of animal impacts is unclear, but the idea does make plenty of sense – and hopefully more animal owners and livestock owners in the United States will take similar steps to reduce accidents and injuries.

Types of Accidents Caused by Animals and Livestock

There are several types of accidents that can occur when animals are involved, including:

  1. A head-on collision with a large animal at high speeds;
  2. Swerving to avoid collision with an animal and striking a fixed object – such as a tree;
  3. Swerving into another lane to avoid a collision with an animal and striking a vehicle in that lane;
  4. Stopping short to allow an animal to pass and being rear-ended by another vehicle.

Can You Get Compensation for Such Accidents?

Seeking compensation for these types of accidents is much more complex than accidents involving other drivers. That is because car accidents with deer or other wild animals are not something you can seek compensation for – after all, no one is responsible for the wild animal so there was no reasonable duty of care warranted. In these cases, your auto insurance company would have to pay for medical costs and property damage associated with the accident.

If you are a passenger in an accident involving wild animals, you may have more options. That is because you can file a claim against the driver – especially if the driver was speeding or failing to obey the laws of the road.

Another way you can seek compensation is if the animal was domesticated or owned livestock. In these cases, the owner would be responsible for restraining the animal and keeping them out of the road. Therefore, you can file your personal injury claim against the owner of such animals.

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